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Good to know

First and foremost: Always put function before looks! What a skateboard looks like only matters up to the moment you try to ride it. If your board is not customized for you it will not be a joy to ride, no matter how cool it looks.

One good piece of advice when choosing skateboard gear is to ask yourself when and how you plan to use it. Do you plan to ride it mainly on flat ground and practice doing different flips, or do you prefer jumping off things? Perhaps you prefer ramps, or speeding downhill? Or maybe you want to try it all?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to choose your gear. Skateboard gear is mainly made up of four essential components: board, wheels, trucks and shoes. Then you have details such as ball bearings, mounting screws, grip tape and clothes, but it’s important to focus on the four main elements first.

One good way to start is to choose your board. Then you can decide which wheels you want, and choose trucks based on the combination of board and wheels. The final important choice is what shoes to buy.


The most important rule for all the choices above is that there are no rules. Each individual skateboarder not only has a unique body, but also unique techniques and preferences.

There are many skateboarders with small feet who find it easier to flip wide and flat boards, while skateboarders who have larger feet find they get a better ride and more control with narrower boards. The only way to find the best fit for you is to try the alternatives. Skateboarding is ultimately an individual sport, and you are the only person who can decide whether you like your board or not.

As you grow as a skateboarder, your board requirements can change. Skateboarders often find that they go through periods when they are more interested in a specific kind of terrain and certain tricks, also meaning that their board preferences change.

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