We had a chat with up and coming Rap/RnB artist Senya about her newest release "Vastaukset" 

Hey Senya, thanks for talking to us. Tell us about yourself.

I’m 21 year old artist from Finland and I do rap/rnb music! I like to mix rap and singing in my songs, and it’s important to me that people can relate to them. Performing is the best part of this all, cause the music comes to life on stage.

I’ve always done music in some form, for example I have played the flute for almost my entire life. Now that i’m doing my own music I feel like it’s the best way to express myself!

You released your new album "Vastaukset" last week, congrats! What was your inspiration for the album?
The thoughts and big emotions that comes along relationships and the challenges of it inspired me to create this album. I’ve had many (good and bad) experiences myself and it felt natural to write about them.

How has the response been so far?
The response has been great, and I’m really excited to find out how the songs of the album start to live, so far I’ve seen people do amazing Tik Toks and dance videos to my earlier single of the album ”kommunikaatiotaidot” and that’s awesome!

Tell us a about your song "Ikuista". What does this song mean to you and what is it all about?
This song is important to me cause it’s a statement that you have to live in the moment and give your all as long as it’s good for you. This song represents the fragility of time and thoughts around it.
It deals with the question of how you wanna spend your time.

What is your dream moving forward? 
My dream is to give people music they can enjoy and feelings they can relate to. And to be able to have a lifelong career.

We're sure you're going to make it! What is next for you?
More gigs and bigger shows! And of course more banging tracks!!!

Last but not least, tell us a funfact about yourself?
My brain has the engine of a ferrari but brakes of a bike. 

We look forward to hearing more from you in the future, Senya! Thanks for the chat!