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During the hot months, you want to make the most of being able to enjoy sports and outdoor adventure pursuits like hiking and swimming which is a favourite because it is also cooling. Before you set out for your outdoor sports or hobbies, you want to make sure you have the gear for it. If it's cycling, you want to be dressed in cycle shorts or biker shorts that are comfortable and that look good. Polyester with elastane ensures a good, flexible fit. Junkyard has women's sports shorts in different colours and sizes to suit the needs and preferences of different women.

Junkyard's selection of somen's shorts

In addition to biker shorts and other types of women's sports shorts, Junkyard has a selection of women's shorts to wear when lounging around or running errands. One option is cargo shorts. These rugged, weatherproof shorts are made for activities like hiking. You can also go for chino shorts which are comfortable and stylish enough for a smart casual look. Yet another option that Junkyard has is denim shorts. They come in different lengths and colours.

Men haven't been forgotten either. Junkyard's collection of men's shorts is just as broad. You can pick up some for your partner, brother or friend as you browse for yours. Skateboard, cargo, denim and swimming shorts are just a few of the options.

Loose and tight-fitting shorts at Junkyard

You will want different styles of shorts for different sports and occasions. When you are dressing to go surfing or skating, you want loose rather than close-fitting shorts so that you can move around freely. When you are dressing for the day rather than for sports, you can go for fitted shorts such as denim shorts.

You'll need women's t-shirts to go with your shorts and other bottoms. Take your pick from long and short-sleeved, and long or cropped. Junkyard has a selection of fabrics from all-cotton tees from Vans, Nike and other top brands. T-shirt as from Dickies and Adidas are other options.

Women's shorts and accessories

Once the shorts, t-shirts and other hot weather clothes are there, you'll need accessories to go with them. While they serve the function of protecting the eyes from the sun's rays, sunglasses are one accessory that can add pizzazz to any outfit. The range you can shop at Junkyard includes sporty ones with a single lens or aviator-style ones that go with any style of dress. You can also go for clear or coloured glass sunnies and minimalist ones or those that have details such as handles with a bit of bling or colour.

Junkyard has a broad range of sunglasses for men as well. They too will need to complete summer outfits like men's shorts and tees with accessories like sunglasses. Headgear like caps and hats are also available.

Shop all your summer gear from Junkyard

Biker shorts, running, hiking, surfing, cargo and casual denim shorts from the best sportswear brands like Nike, Champion, Puma, Vans and others are all available online in one place. You can find them all at Junkyard, making it your one-stop shop for both men's and women's streetwear and accessories. This is also the e-shop to shop for gear like different types of bags to carry your clothes in.

Junkyard is all about convenience and quality. Log on, shop for your shorts and other summer clothes, grab a few accessories to complete them and wait for everything to be delivered.