Grab Your Snowboard Boots At Junkyard!

Going for typical snow boots when hitting the mountains for snowboarding won't provide you with much-required ankle support. On the other hand, most of our snowboard boots come with comfort, warmth, and protection-driven designs. Also, our boots fit seamlessly with all snowboard bindings for the most enjoyable riding adventure. Good snowboarding boots should be stiffer because they are uniquely designed for a binding fit and ankle support, providing the required control and safety for riding. Most important, when shopping for that pair of boots, ensure you also grab other protective gear like snowboard pants and a pair of gloves for outer layer protection.

Our Wide Range Of Snowboard Boots

Our snowboard boots collection is from top brands such as Nitro, adidas Snowboarding and Vans Snowboarding. Shop for our adidas snowboarding boots with traditional lacing and a rubber toe cap that protect your toes. Also, you can go for boots by Nitro with a quick lacing system and a light moldable liner. Alternatively, Vans Snowboarding boots are lightweight and responsive boots with single-dial boa closure. However, it's not wise to go snowboarding even after getting the right boot without layering with our collection of snowboard jackets.

Junkyard snowboard boots are available from classic colours like black and grey to bold colours like green and multicoloured. Whatever kind of snowboard boots you're looking for, it's important to shop for the right skate gear for knee, chest, elbow, and wrist protection.

Fitting Snowboard Boots

When snowboarding, it's crucial to have the proper snowboard boots that will provide you with support and stability when riding and securely fit in the bindings. You can count on us to give you exactly what you need. Our boots are highly functional with different lacing systems such as traditional laces, quick-pull laces or boa laces boots.

In addition, back protectors are essential because back injuries can be severe and long-lasting when they occur. However, wearing protective gear saves you from getting any serious injuries even when you fall and it also increases your confidence in jumps.

Protective Gears That Go With Our Snowboard Boots

There are common injuries like fractures and sprains among snowboarders associated with numerous falls. That is why, at Junkyard, apart from a wide range of snowboard boots, we have other protective gears just for you. Always wear goggles and a helmet to prevent severe head and eyes injuries. Worth noting is that even minor wrist injuries can take a few weeks to heal, so buy a good pair of wrist guards. Also, knee, elbow, hip, and butt pads are all designed to keep you from seriously injuring or bruising yourself on the slopes.

In addition, back protectors are essential because back injuries can be severe and long-lasting when they occur. However, wearing skate gear increases your confidence in jumps and saves you from getting any serious injuries.

Snowboard Clothes & Apparel To Wear With Snowboard Boots.

The key to staying warm and dry is knowing how to layer. Our selection of snowboard gear such as snow jackets and snowboard pants will help you fight through all conditions that mother nature will throw at you during the winter season. From snowboard beanies, gloves, mittens, base layers, socks, fleeces to vests, Junkyard offers the best selection. What you wear varies on how active you are, and of course the weather itself.

When choosing the right clothing gear, always consider weather conditions and figure out your endurance for the cold. Finish your look off with a protective layer selection, something that's waterproof but breathable and can be from your favourite brands too.