Get Your New Snowboard from Junkyard Today

Are you looking to buy a new snowboard? Whether you are a professional or newbie to the sport, Junkyard may just have what you are looking for. Take a look at the range of snowboards we have available to both adults and children. A good snowboard is essential in your snowboarding experience. Snowboards with bindings are very important as the binding is the direct connection between you and the board. Bindings ensure you have control and comfort on the board. They can give you the best snowboard experience or worst if chosen wrong.

The Best Brands of Snowboards

When planning your snowboarding trip, there are many things you need to consider, and having good snowboards available to you is one of the most important factors. Capita snowboards are a great brand to check out, they are made in Austria. It is good to know that the manufacturer of these boards uses 100% clean energy and has won numerous awards for environmental sustainability. They are of great quality and have high score ratings.

Another great snowboard brand to check out is Bataleon. Also made in Austria, these boards are built from exceptional materials. These boards have great aesthetics and are definitely appealing to the eye.

No Snowboard is the Same

Choosing the best snowboard that suits you and your body is very important. Have a look at the snowboards size chart that will help you choose the best board for you. Most snowboarders use a board that is about 85% to 92% of their own body weight. The recommended board length will be your height (in inches) X 2.54 X 0.88

Burton caters to both adults and children snowboarders. The snowboards are made out of Carbon and Fiberglass. They give excellent flexibility. They don't only feel good to ride, but look great as well. Have the best snow experience on these snowboards.

Snowboards for Professionals and Newbies

The invention of the snowboard was inspired by the skateboard, surfing, sledding, and skiing. The sport has become more popular over the years and the boards themselves have developed tremendously. Whether you are snowboarding every day, once a month, or once every few years on a family holiday in the snow, you want to have the best experience and one way to do this is by having a good snowboard. Check out snowboards from some of the best and biggest brands today!

Bataleon Snowboards offer elevated contact points giving you the most enjoyable snowboarding experience possible. They have perfected their 3D shape Technology, bringing you some of the best boards on the market today.

There's "snow board" like a snowboard

Having the correct bindings on a snowboard is very important, but often overlooked by many. They are extremely important to the whole setup. Snowboards with bindings allow you to move freely, have more control over the board, and they absorb vibrations. The bindings send power from your legs and feet into the board. Feel comfortable and at one with your snowboard when you have the correct bindings.

The right snowboard can either make or break your whole snowboarding experience. Make sure you get a snowboard that is suited to you. Have a look at Junkyard for your best snowboard.