Snowboard Pants and Ski Pants for Everyone!

Snowboarding is a fun sport or hobby done by both men and women, but one thing is for sure and that is, you need to be dressed appropriately. It is essential that you wear the correct snowboard pants & ski pants to give you the best protection. Most snowboard trousers are made from 100% polyester. They are made to keep you dry and warm and offer excellent insulation. Spend a great day in the snow, having fun while knowing that your pants are of great quality and will not let you down.

The Best Snowboard Pants & Ski Pants

When shopping for a new pair of snowboard bottoms there are a few key things to look out for to ensure you are buying the best. Take into account the waterproofing and the waterproofing rating, the sealing of the seams, breathability, and warmth. All these elements are what creates the best snowboard pants & ski pants and at Junkyard we offer exactly that. Our snowboard pants are of great quality and from the best brands out there.

Oakley is one of snowboarding's biggest brands. The snowboard pants are made from 100% polyester, have two side pockets with a zipper and one back pocket with a zipper. This is great to keep your essential items safe during your ski.

Get the Best Snowboarding Bottoms from Junkyard

We all want to look good in anything we wear and why shouldn't it be the same with your snowboarding pants? They come in many different colours to suit everybody's colour preference. There is no more versatile colour than black. Black ski pants are a great option as they go with anything, and a bonus is you don't notice the dirt so much.

You definitely need great quality snowboard jackets & ski jackets to go with your snowboard bottoms. At Junkyard, we have just what you need. Get the perfect fitted, waterproof and comfortable jacket to match your pants. Look great at your next ski.

Dress the Part in Your Snowboard Pants & Ski Pants

Check out the range of snowboard pants from Junkyard. They offer a good number of pockets to keep your essentials safe. They are very well insulated, so you won't be getting cold sitting in the snow when you fall, and they have special features to prevent snow from getting in your boots. Snowboarding pants are loose-fitting to allow the full range of movement that you need. Treat yourself to a new pair from Junkyard and be the envy of your ski friends next time you are in the snow.

Junkyard pairs up with the best brands to bring you the greatest quality items. Try out the Oakley snowboard pants with adjustable elastic waistband and Velcro waist tabs to easily adjust the size to your liking.

Don't Miss Out on These Awesome Pants

Looking for a new pair of snowboard trousers? Junkyard is sure to have just what you are looking for. We have snowboard trousers for both men and women from the most well-known brands. They are of excellent quality and you will not get cold or wet when you are out on your ski. They are flexible and durable and are able to give you unlimited movement while skiing.

Junkyard offers you the best snowboard and ski pants from great brands such as Oakley and Burton. Find the best pair to suit your needs and add to your ultimate ski experience.