All Your Favorite Skateboards in One Place

Shopping online for a skateboard can be a minefield. Why not come to the one site that has all the top names for sale on an easy to navigate website? Here at Junkyard, we are proud to stock skateboards from the biggest names in the industry to the more obscure and up-and-coming brands. We stock complete boards, skateboard decks, wheels, trunks, grip tape and more. Whether you are a newbie looking to get your first board, or an experienced skater looking to update your skateboard decks - Goofy or Regular, freestyle or street, we have it all here.

Skateboards for Everyone

Ever since Californian surfers who wanted something to do in their downtime brought skateboarding to the world in the 1950s, it has been enjoyed by millions worldwide. With so many people taking up the pastime, it soon evolved and branched out into different styles, which, in turn, required different styles of skateboards. At Junkyard, you will find skateboards fit for all types of skating styles and skaters. It is like having your dream skateboard shop on speed dial.

Polar Skate Co. is one of the many brands we are proud to have on hand. Established in Sweden, this brand is well known for its quality boards. They sport a variety of shapes, from popsicle to football, and new surf shapes.

Get Your All-in-One Skateboard

If you are new to the sport, you are probably going to want to look at a complete skateboard to perfect your art. Filtering your search at Junkyard will give you so many options of styles, designs, and sizes that we are sure you will have a hard time choosing one!

A complete skateboard is the perfect choice for people who have not yet formed a personal preference for accessories such as skateboard wheels and trunks. It means that as soon as we have delivered it, you can jump on and hit the rails!

When it Comes to Skateboards, We Have it All

When it comes to personalising your board with grip tape, we have you covered. Along with standard black, we also stock various block colours and patterns. You can find your favourite brand tape as well as our very own Junkyard griptape! We don’t stop there with the hardware. You can customise your deck completely with our range of wheels, trunks, bearings, bushings, and riser pads. You can build your own individualised skateboard and make your mark.


All Hands On Deck

We have basic standard skateboard decks that are suitable for beginners because they are suitable for street skating, skate parks, and almost all other types of skating. The longboards are perfect for beginners as they are easy to balance. If you are looking to skate your way through the urban streets, our cruiser decks are waiting. For the 80s fans who love nothing more than dipping into a bowl, our old school decks are sure to please.

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