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Since it started commercially in 1959, skating has been a sport loved by all regardless of their skill-set or age. The sport started in the United States and is now loved in many countries. Plus, several tournaments are also recognized in different regions. The skateboarding evolution has led to the refinement and development of several styles of skateboard decks. Each piece has different riding conditions. You will find a different skateboard for performing tricks, and another for speeding down the hill or even cruising the street. Moreover, some skateboards are specially designed for dropping in on a bowl or pool.

The Skateboard Evolution

A skateboard deck used to be wider, but over the years it became narrower with the options to be either shorter or longer, and lower or taller from the ground. Major categories of boards for skateboarding are shortboard and longboard. The former are usually designed for performing tricks and the latter for cruising. The current designs have undergone several eras, phases, and periods to become what they are today. We have seen several enthusiasts create collections with thousands of skateboards!

Some of the highly regarded longboard collections have unique decks made in the 1950s and 1960s. Our collection of boards and skateboard wheels for sale can handle any kind of surface, riding style, and skating preferences.

Our Skateboard Accessories

Here at Junkyard, we stock a range of cruisers, skateboard tools, and bearings to keep your skateboard in tip-top shape. Visit our skateboard shop today for all your skating needs and make sure you have the pimpest, smoothest ride around. Don't forget to check out accessories like caps and badges for extra-cool street cred.

The traditional skateboard moves by a simple push from the user. Plus, just imagine how cool you would look cruising down the street with one of these caps & hats! Smooth wheels make it easy to roll over almost any smooth ground. These skateboards are easy to control, affordable, and with low maintenance cost.

Skateboard Variants By Size And Shape

Some of the old school skateboards have a tail that looks like a fishtail. If you would like to get airborne on a skate, then the double-kick popsicle skateboard is right for you. This board has a rise in the nose and tail and is an all-time favorite for most skating techniques. Whichever beginners skateboard you choose, you can learn classical tricks to impress your buddies, like the Nollie Trick where you raise the nose of your board when you jump.

Longboards have a longer deck than shortboards. They are easier to control and balance, and we often recommend them for beginners. We stock a good inventory of accessories such as skateboard wheels decks, and mounting hardware.

A Skateboard For Everyone At Junkyard

What is your favorite board? Is it the mini-board, old school, or the longboard? Junkyard is the place to shop for skateboard decks. If you are looking for decks from major brands or upcoming brands, we have something waiting for you. Whether you are a beginner or an up-and-coming professional, we have decks in all colors, sizes, and price ranges. Refine your search parameters and find the board that speaks to you, your lifestyle, and your skating style.

Grab a deck and shop from Junkyard's wide selection of hardware such as wheels and trucks. We also offer parts to put together to create your perfect board or just shop our pre-assembled boards.