Choosing the Best Skateboard Wheels

Choosing a set of skateboard wheels depends on your riding style and where and what you like to skate. There are different wheels for different terrains. Do you street skate? Or is a skate park more your thing? Perhaps your board is just your way of getting around. Understanding why soft skateboard wheels might be a better option than a harder compound, for example, will improve the quality of your ride. We have hundreds of wheels in stock. Here at Junkyard, we will help you choose the best wheel to keep you rolling!

Skateboard Wheels with Cruise Control

Getting from A to B on a board is a great way to learn to skateboard. Skateboard wheels for cruising are bigger, have loads of grip, and help you ride with less effort. Here you will be looking for bigger skateboard wheels, with a 78 - 81A Shore Durometer scale. If you are using your board for cruising and tricks, look into a 56 -58mm. You may need to fit raiser pads as well. Luckily, we have them in stock for you,

A great choice for cruising is the BRONX Wheels Co Lil Dragon. These all-terrain, premium urethane mix wheels are pebble resistant and have a super high rebound. They offer a smooth, and quick, effortless ride.

Keep Your Skateboard Trucking

If we are talking about wheels, we can leave out trunks. The trucks should always fit the width of your skateboard. This may have an effect on flip tricks and can affect the general board feel. When shopping for new wheels, make sure the wheels and trucks will work together as well as fit your board.

If you measure the size of your skateboard trucks you will have a good idea of what size wheels you should be looking at. Mid-sized trucks are the most popular and they work best with 53-56mm wheels. Check out our huge selection of trucks and wheels.

Skateboard Wheels Can Be Tricky

If street skating and parks are your thing, you will be looking for a wheel that is between 50 - 56mm. If you are a beginner, try something in the middle. The harder the wheel, the less grip. 96-98A will provide a good all-around grip and are great for beginners. Professionals will use wheels that are fast and hard, over the 101A scale. Don’t forget the bushings. A board with stronger bushings will be more resistant, which can help when performing tricks.

Our brands really shine when it comes to wheels for tricks. Several brands use a premium urethane mix, which means fewer flatspots. There are also loads of graphics to choose from.

Get Your Skateboard Wheels at Junkyard

If you are skateboarding on ledges, rails, gaps, or manual pads in skate parks or on the street, then hard wheels are a good choice. Beginners and skaters who skate on rough surfaces will find medium durometer wheels useful. Longboarding, cruising, and transportation benefits most from soft skateboard wheels. Smaller wheels are lighter, weigh less, and give you a quicker, more responsive pop, which is good for street and technical skating.

Whatever your level or skating style, we have the right skateboard wheels for you. Check out our skateboard wheels and accessories now, right here at Junkyard. At Junkyard, we have everything skate.