Start Off Your Skateboarding Apparel Journey With A Nike Hat

Clothing brands from all across the globe have had a great impact on the skateboarding world over the years. Whether the brands came about as a result or if a sub-brand was created to cater for the sport, there is no denying their significance. One such brand is Nike, specifically Nike SB. Yes, you guessed it, the SB is an acronym for skateboarding. If you are a skateboard buff or are looking to add a few skateboarding pieces to your wardrobe, then look no further than Junkyard. You can start your journey with simple accessories such as a Nike waistbag or hat.

Nike SB Tops & Shirts

One thing that is synonymous with t-shirts and jerseys designed for high-intensity sports such as football, tennis, and of course, skateboarding is their breathable comfort. On top of being comfortable, Nike SB t-shirts have the added advantage of being cool and stylish. We are talking about skateboarding, after all, which is a pretty cool sport. Our collection features plain shirts from the brand, tie-dye designs, and even graphic tees featuring designs inspired by some of the top artists and skateboarders.

Apart from t-shirts, you can browse our wide selection of Nike SB sweatshirts and jackets. You can also go ahead and add some stylish pizazz to your fit with our branded skateboarding patches to your tops from Junkyard.

Shop Nike SB Chinos & Chino Shorts

Undoubtedly chinos and chino shorts are considered the best threads for the summer. Chino pants are also deemed essential in the closet since they are perfect for numerous occasions, whether formal or casual. They are light enough to give you a comfy fit and even adequate leeway for sporting activities.

The best part about having a pair of chinos in your wardrobe is the ability to keep it simple. This means that you can style your pants with a t-shirt, and they would blend splendidly together. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Browse The Latest Nike SB Sneakers

As mentioned, Nike's foray into the skateboarding world brought us Nike SB and at the forefront, we have Nike SB sneakers. Not only are they a la mode when it comes to styling your outfit, but they are also excellent for performing gnarly tricks and landing bolts. Browse our collection of sneakers at Junkyard and find a pair or two ideal for you. However, if you prefer hitting the beach or a pool, you can check out our wide array of swim wear.

Nike SB sneakers come in all shapes and sizes, catering to a multitude of styles and preferences. You can choose different shoe cuts, colourways or even go the extra mile and add patches to your kicks.

Discover The World Of Nike SB

The Nike SB brand has influenced the skateboarding community and otherwise considerably since its inception in 2002. The myriad of products from the brand has garnered fans from across the globe, with the SB dunks being at the top of the totem pole. Other popular articles you can also find and shop at Junkyard include graphic tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, cargo shorts, and the popular Nike waistbag, which you can use to stash your accessories.

In a nutshell, you can browse from our selection of the Nike SB brand as well as other brands in the store and grab something you like. You can also take advantage of some of our great offers.