Classic Men's Overshirts

Ever had a dilemma where you need an outfit that can easily adjust to the ever-changing weather? A versatile wardrobe that acts between a jacket and a shirt is something that you might need. Something that won't make you too cold and too warm. That's where overshirts for men come in. Wear them over a shirt, another jacket, or wear them as-is. It'll keep you warm on a cold day and cool enough on a hot summer. If you still don't have an overshirt jacket, it's time to get one for yourself.

What Are Overshirts For Men?

Overshirts for men are a combination of a shirt and a jacket. They are made of lightweight materials that are heavier than a shirt and lighter than a jacket. Most overshirts have collars and chest pockets, and they're usually loose-fitting compared to a shirt. Its loose feature allows it to have a comfortable fit to put over another shirt without being too tight. There are a variety of designs of overshirts at Junkyard including a men's black overshirt.

Today, overshirts for women and men have become a staple in every wardrobe. Choose from a variety of fabrics such as denim, hopsack and wool. Junkyard has a wide selection of styles so don't forget to check them out.

How To Choose The Best Overshirt

Getting the right overshirt can be tricky, may it be a denim overshirt or wool. It shouldn't be too tight like a shirt and not too baggy. The first thing you need to consider is getting the right fit, particularly the sleeves, shoulders and chest. The sleeves should be a bit loose to allow ample space for your undershirt.

Next, choose the right material that is comfortable enough to wear and a design that's easy to pair with bottoms like loose jeans or shorts. We suggest going for a safer option with simple patterns or one-colored overshirts. For checkered overshirts, we have one from Yôke Rowing Shirt.

How To Wear Overshirts For Men

There are many ways to style an overshirt. Whether you need one for work or sports, it's easy to wear them on any occasion with the right design. If you're going for a smart and sophisticated look, wear an abstract print from Fred Perry in Junkyard, then match it with light or dark pants. If you prefer a street style, wear a black overshirt from Sweet Sktbs and pair it with denim jeans and white sneakers.

overshirts for women are also styled in the same way as men's. Choose from a wide selection of colours, designs and materials that speak to your sense of style.

Must-Have Overshirts From Junkyard

Get the most fashionable overshirts only from Junkyard. We have partnered with top brands including Yôke, Sweet Sktbs, Fred Perry, Vans, Former, and Patagonia. Our overshirt jacket comes in a variety of colors from the lightest to darkest hues. Choose from patterned, printed, and minimalist designs that suit your personality and style. Whether you prefer with or without collars and pockets, we've got them all here at Junkyard.

So if you still don't have one, it's time to change that and get yours from Junkyard. Receive your items within one to six working days, with a 30-day full refund guarantee.