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While cotton is the globally popular choice, linen has its benefits as well and there are several. One is that it is absorbent and highly breathable which means that it will keep you dry when it is hot. Another is that it is hypoallergic and naturally anti-bacterial. Linen is also eco-friendly and sustainable. It is sourced from a flax plant. Junkyard has a wide selection of linen shirts. This includes casual men's shirts as well as formal ones that can be worn to the office and other formal or official events.

Stylish Linen Shirts From Junkyard

Considering the events that men's dress shirts are worn to, linen dress shirts must be suitable for the occasion. They're tailored to fit close to the body and they typically come in solid colours and subtle patterns like stripes and checks. They look crisp when worn with a tie or bowtie. Casual linen shirts are cut looser and they come in bold, bright colours that go with jeans and other casual pants. Junkyard has a selection of both formal and casual shirts made of linen.

Junkyard also has a selection of women's shirts made of linen. These are from top clothing brands such as Lee 01, Edwin and Nikben. Just like men's shirts, there are tailored ones that are suitable for wearing with a skirt or pants suit.

Other Kinds of Linen Shirts From Junkyard

There is another choice when it comes to linen shirts. There are long sleeve shirts and short sleeve ones. It all comes down to a matter of preference. However, when it comes to formal or official days and events, it is best to go with a shirt that has long sleeves rather than one with short ones for a more tailored look.

Formal clothes need to go with formal accessories. Dressing formally and finishing the outfit with a casual belt, shoes and other accessories would look very odd. As you shop for linen shirts, consider adding some accessories. Wallets made of premium quality leather are also available for your cash and business cards.

How To Wear Casual Linen Shirts

When you are dressing down for a casual day, you want to get the accessories right as well. One way to wear them is with casual jackets. Light ones will be suitable for warm seasons while you will definitely need a heavier one during winter. Junkyard also has coats and sweaters that you can wear over your linen shirt or other tops. A broad selection of shoes, both formal and casual, is also available from our e-shop.

Linen women's shirts for casual wear come in a range of bold, fun colours. You can take your pick from solid colours and bright prints. These can be worn with jeans, cargos or other casual pants.

Looking Cool In Linen Shirts

Casual men's shirts are perfect for creating a cool, street look. Create a smart casual look with a formal linen shirt worn untucked or tucked into a pair of jeans, chinos or cargo pants. Take the casual look all the way down with a pair of sneakers, suede shoes or sandals if the weather allows it. If you wish, you can skip the belt or go for one made of polyester. Complete the look with a bandana.

Junkyard is your one-stop e-shop. Shop for your formal and casual linen shirts for men and women and the accessories to go with them. Make your payment and expect timely delivery right to your doorstep.