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Casual Pants for Men

Bold, glamorous, and as comfortable as drape pants, but look groovier. Men's work pants are hitting the streets big time. An indicator of the current shift towards easy and cosy garb. There are plenty of men's pants types to pick out from. Flex your street gear with joggers, leggings, track pants, or sweatpants from our store. If you are not too big on the street vibe, check out our chinos. They are as good as hand-stitched couture. Or step out in our Vans and Carnal cords for a classic 70s look.

Men's Work Pants

We stock men's work pants in various sizes including 2xs. Various colours are available to select from too. Try out our print and multi-coloured pants. Granted, they do require a little courage to rock, but they are a real fashion statement. We have a men's pants sale to suit your budget. Order today to get excellent prices on choice brands. We stock Carhartt, District 46, Ripndip, Champion, Former, Drink Sexy, Adidas, Urban Classics, Vans, Levi's, New Balance, Dickies, Bronze56k, Nike, and more.

Whether you want to tuck your tee in or match ‘em with a crop top. Let’s get you dressed in all types of pants for women from chinos to joggers, leggings, to sweatpants. We have fashion and prices to suit your budget and your style.

How To Buy And Rock Your Men's Street Pants

Order your favourite men's pants online from Junkyard’s apparel store. For a real eye-catching effect, go for some colourful stuff. Team up your outfit with a trendy T-shirt or pair it with a hoodie to rack up some street cred. However, if you like to keep it on the straight and narrow, choose a button-down dress shirt to complete your ensemble.

Rock your pants with some of the Adidas sneakers in our inventory. They're black and white, white with black stripe, the ones I like to wear when I rock the mic. That’s RUN-DMC’s ‘My Adidas’. We have Nike, Reebok, and Northwave if you don’t like your kicks to feature the three famous stripes.

Accessories For Men's Work Pants

When you select your accessories carefully, you can carve out a fresh look even from rather drab outfits. Match your chinos with a belt to add some sophistication to your look. Sharpen your style further with a shoulder bag. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a sling bag or a chest bag. Shoulder bags are trending right now. Fashion has never been dull with a pair of sleek sunglasses. So pull some on. We have Ray-ban, Vans, and Le Specs among the brands in our collection.

We also have accessories such as funky belts by Lacoste and Urban Classics to compliment work pants for women. Pop more freshness into your look with Junkyard's jewelry and a bandana.

What Type Of Men's Pants Do We Stock?

Style is defined by personality. If the modern and urban look in joggers and track pants just doesn’t represent you in any way, you might prefer cargos and sweatpants for the classical rigid demeanour or lean towards cords and chinos to present a clean-cut, casual, and laid-back style. We have all these women's and men's pants types in stock. We sell a lot of complimentary kits and accessories.

We stock an exclusive array of original merch from select brands. We have names like Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and Champion. Other labels in our collection such as Bronze56k, and Ripndip are futuristic brands that are causing ripples in street fashion.