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Why Corduroy Trousers Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Corduroy trousers go back a long way. They are strong, durable and they have a dense weave that keeps you warm. There's also their ridged texture that is different from anything else. This is why they belong in everyone's wardrobe. Corduroy pants streetwear never really went away but they are definitely more popular now. Corduroy pants in style give you an alternative to jeans and chinos if those are your go-to's for days when you are dressing down. You will be happy to know that you can browse a wide selection of them online at Junkyard.

Corduroy pants in style

Corduroy pants for sale on Junkyard are from the best brands. They include Carnal Apparel and Vans that make stylish, well-cut pants. Depending on the ones that you choose, your corduroy pants in style can be dressed up or dressed down. Pants that are cut with a slim fit can be dressed up with a formal shirt and shoes and they can work for the office or a formal event. Pants cut straight and slack and with wide bottoms have a relaxed, dressed-down look.

Apart from men's pants, Junkyard also has a broad selection of women's corduroy pants also from the best brands. They are also available in slim fit, close-fitting styles that look formal and loose, slack ones that are ideal for casual days.

The Possibilities With Slim Fit Corduroy

Slim fit corduroy pants that can be worn formally or to create a smart casual look typically come in neutral colours. They can be paired with a suit jacket, formal shirt and formal shoes. They also come with belt loops so a formal belt can also be added to enhance an official look.

While shopping for corduroy pants, check out the coats. Junkyard has a wide selection of them for men and women from the best brands as always. There are formal and casual ones in a variety of colours. Take your pick from solid colours, striped and checked ones and bolder, more colourful ones.

Junkyard Corduroy Pants In Style

If you are dressing your corduroy pants down, consider doing it with t-shirts and tank tops. Women can choose simple ones with spaghetti straps, sporty ones with a sports back or stylish ones with crisscrossed patterns. Men can pair their casual corduroys with sports tanks or tees too. If the goal is a smart casual look, the pants can be worn with a crew-neck top or smart t-shirt with a formal coat or jacket over it.

There are other ways to wear women's corduroy pants. They can be worn not only with a coat or jacket but also sweaters when they are being worn casually at home or to run errands.

Why Corduroy Pants Will Never Go Out of Style

Leading clothing brands are playing a part in making the trend of corduroy pants streetwear big. Levi, Vans and Carnal Apparel are some of the big brands that are making cords highly popular each with their stylish pants. Some brands are even including cords in their fashion shows. They are making them a cool streetwear option with what they are pairing them with including cool shoes and accessories.

If you are looking for a change from jeans, chinos and cargos, go for corduroys. Shop Junkyard for both slim-fitting formal ones and straight ones cut like slacks for casual days. Consider picking up some tees or tanks too.