Dress Up In Chinos Slim Fit Pants From Junkyard

If there are bottoms that are versatile, it's chinos pants. Depending on the chinos style that you choose, you can either dress them up or dress them down. Those that are cut straight and that have wide hems such as the ones from Levi's, Polar Skate Co and Sweet SKTBS are ideal for casual dressing. So are the ones with fun prints. These can be worn with casual t-shirts and sneakers or other casual shoes. If you are dressing for the office, slim fit chinos are best. Those that come in neutral colours are ideal. Dickies, Sweet SKTBS, Alife and Yoke have a selection of neutral-coloured, slim fit chino pants.

Chinos Pants Or Jeans: Which Is Better?

When it comes to pants for casual wear, jeans are universally popular. Chinos pants are popular too. In a chinos vs jeans contest, both have an equal chance of winning. If you want to create a denim look, you can wear chinos in a shade of blue, be it dark or light blue. Then, depending on the occasion, you can dress up your chinos with a stylish shirt and formal shoes. You can also tone it down with a cool tee and casual shoes.

Junkyard also has a good selection of women's chinos. Just like men's chinos, there are those that can be worn as casual wear and those that can be worn for formal days and occasions.

How To Wear Your Chin

One way to go is chinos with boots. If you are wearing slim-fit chinos and going for a formal look, wear formal boots. If you are dressing for a casual day off work, go for a casual pair of boots. They will look great with wide-legged chinos. When you are dressing casually, you can play with different options like bold, bright colours and patterns.

You always need accessories to complete a look. Shoulder bags are one way to go. There is something for everyone in the Junkyard selection of these bags for men and women. Take your pick of a man's bag in neutral or earthy masculine colours that will go with any pair of chinos you wear.

Other Accessories For Your Chinos Pants

Depending on the weather, you may want to bundle up with a warm jacket if it's cold outside. One option is to cover up with bomber jackets. They are thick because of all the padding they have on them. Therefore, for the sake of balance, it is important to pair such a jacket with slim-fit chinos or other close-fitting pants. A thickly padded jacket or a long one worn with wide-fitting pants will look frumpy and unbalanced.

For ladies who like to live or dress on the edge, Junkyard has women's chinos in bold patterns and colours. Authentic Checks chinos from Vans and luminous green chinos from Dickies are two examples.

Dressing Up Chinos With Formal Jackets

If you are going for a chinos style that is formal for work or a special occasion, go for a formal jacket. Match it with your chino pants or go for a monochromatic look like navy blue chinos and a light blue jacket. Contrasts such as black, navy blue or other dark colours with a white or pastel coloured jacket also work well because of the striking contrast.

Chinos for men and women are very versatile. They can be dressed up or down with what they are worn with on top and the accessories they are worn with. You can find them, accompanying pieces and accessories on Junkyard.