Men's Patches

Patches for men add a little attitude to the other products offered here at Junkyard. A patch adds street cred to your overall look and gives that denim jacket, pair of jeans, or bag some edge. The selection of patches is not huge at Junkyard but there are a few gems to add to your collection. For example, there is the Thrasher patch which is a cool addition to skating and other streetwear collections. There are also a few other patches to add to your bags, jackets, and other accessories.

Patches For Men

Patches act like a label that you can add to many types of clothing. However, they have a bit more thickness than a label and are usually sewn onto your clothes. Patches can also be sewn at different angles to add more flair to your favorite clothing or accessories. You could even add patches for men to a backpack for some more looks on the street. The passport badge is an obvious fit for bags but other patches also work well.

Go on, get creative and wear the passport badge on a pair of jeans, a cap, a hat or your baseball jacket. Whether you're looking for men's or women's accessories we've got you covered.

Patches For Men Are Not Fixed Forever

A sew-on patch is easy to place and only takes a few minutes. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you place it and sew it on. Patches can be removed from a piece of clothing with just a few simple sewing tools. This is important if you feel that your funky patch could look better on another piece of clothing.

You can also change the angle of a patch on shoulder bags or any other piece of clothing by removing it and sewing it on again. However, you can do even more with patches than just alter them. You can use your patch again when a piece of clothing is totally worn out.

Patches for Men are Made to Last

Patches are made of solid and flexible material which should last for a long time. However, this will depend on your level of activity. Junkyard also has many stickers which can be slapped on a book, wall, skateboard, guitar case, and even on a bag. Think creatively and you can do all kinds of wonderful things with patches or find some other ways of displaying your message on the street. Don't forget that patches also work well with many accessories.

A cool looking patch can be accompanied by accessories such as sunglasses, watches, or even mugs. We have a variety of men's and women's accessories here at Junkyard.

Patches Still Have Appeal, So Embrace the Edge

Thrasher patches and many others still have an appeal all these years after the punk rock days. Skaters will love the ease of sewing on patches. Patches will continue to have relevance so why not enjoy the full range at Junkyard without delay. Look forward to a solid patch that is changeable and made for many clothes. Remember, patches look amazing on bags, pants, caps, shirts, jackets, and many other pieces of clothing. You are only limited by imagination.

Add something with an edge to your skating or street collection. Buy a patch that complements your style and hit the streets with confidence and a little extra cred.