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The years have witnessed the transformation of jeans from boorish workwear to wardrobe essentials. Straight leg jeans have been around the longest and have weathered the test of time and trends. To this day, the straight cut remains versatile and a perfect fit for any mood or occasion. Junkyard's collection features some of the best straight cut jeans styles you can find anywhere. Our carefully selected design choices are from your favourite brands. This is your chance to switch up your wardrobe with our incredible straight and fitted jeans options, exclusively on Junkyard.

Everyday Straight Leg Jeans

One of the most incredible features of straight leg jeans is their ability to blend with various pairing options. Unlike skinny jeans, which happens to be pretty selective with what works, a straight jeans outfit can work perfectly with a cardigan for a street look. Our white jeans by Stan Ray will be ideal, pairing perfectly with almost any cardigan. Other perfect combos include styling your denim with fitted tops for a fresh look.

Everyday street styles are abundant for women's straight jeans. A pair of faded Junkyard jeans can be both an off-work wear and a sophisticated outfit. A simple tank top or a sophisticated jacket makes all the difference.

Looking Good Needs A Conscious Effort

Perfecting your look requires more than just buying what works. It requires a thorough understanding of self, body type, what works and what doesn't. Your straight jeans style should give you a bold, confident posture if done right. Pairing baggy outfits with straight jeans, despite their comfy look, is not always the ideal match.

Fitted clothing is more likely to work better with a pair of straight cut jeans. Also, match your denim with complementary jackets for a more classy look. Our website features a tremendous number of clothing options for your shopping pleasure.

Straight Leg Jeans: Footwear Pairing Options

While straight jeans can work with just about any of the t-shirts on our site, you have to be quite picky about your footwear. Your top must be a style blend with what's on your feet. Generally, there are four common pairing options for straight cut denim; high heeled sandals, hightops, classics sneakers, and chunky boots. Choose the perfect colour and style that works best with your outfit. Anyone looking for a sophisticated look shouldn't be thinking retro.

Beyond women's straight jeans men's denim work perfectly with lace up formal footwear, brogues, sandals and sneakers. It all depends on the occasion and the clothing that covers the upper body.

Make Smart Clothing Choices Today

Among the benefits of adorning straight, fitted jeans is the firm, confident look it creates. Here you will find the most diverse, uniquely selected dressing options to help you style out with ease. Our website can help you make the best clothing choices. Visit our regularly updated lifestyle blog for the updates on the latest trends to help you stay chic and in tune with what's in vogue.

At Junkyard, we understand street culture. Our website is a true reflection of who we are. From the choicest street options to styling guides, we are here to help you glide through the sidewalks, effortlessly.