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Look Cool In Slim Jeans And Boots From Junkyard

Denim is a universally popular choice for casual dressing. Denim jeans, shirts and even jackets are loved all over the world. There are different styles of jeans. One is slim jeans style. Slim fit jeans are cut to fit close to the body. They are ideal for those who have slender bodies. On those with a larger frame, they can look too tight. With their close fit that is similar to the way formal pants are cut and styled, slim jeans can be worn to create a smart casual look for a date or a casual dress day at the office. A formal top with jeans creates the look.

Other Ways To Wear Slim Fit Jeans

If you want to create an all casual look with your slim fit jeans, pair them with something casual at the top and casual shoes. Junkyard has a big and bold selection of tops from t-shirts, crewnecks and tanks that can be worn to create a cool, street look. They are from the best brands including Sweet SKTBS, Patagonia, Urban Classics, Santa Cruz and Spitfire to name just a few. All these brands have high-quality tops that would work perfectly over slim jeans pants.

Ladies are also taken care of with a wide selection of women's slim jeans from Junkyard. Just like men's jeans, they can be made smart/casual with a formal blouse or smart tee. They can also be dressed down with a tank or t-shirt worn untucked.

Slim Jeans and Tapered Jeans- What's The Difference?

One similarity between slim jeans and tapered ones is that they are close-fitting at the bottom. Slim jeans are cut slim from the waist to the bottom. Tapered jeans, however, are cut wide from the waist and they taper or narrow towards the bottom. If you are having the slim jeans vs tapered debate in your mind, choose tapered ones to hide fuller thighs.

You always need accessories to complete a look. sunglasses are one cool way to do that. Junkyard has something for everyone in terms of different styles. Choose more conservative ones with gold or metallic frames if you are dressed formally. Go for colourful or sporty ones when you are dressing down for the day.

Other Ways To Accessorise Slim Fit Jeans

Another way to accessorise jeans on dress-down days is with headwear. On hot days, caps that shield the face from direct sunlight are ideal. During the cold seasons, beanies are a good choice for the warmth they provide. In addition to these, you can shop Junkyard for other accessories such as scarves, bandanas and belts. Gloves and mittens for chilly autumn and winter days are also available. Jewelry for men and women is available as well.

There's also a selection of accessories for wearing women's slim jeans like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Men who are going for a smart-casual look can formalize the look with cufflinks worn with a formal shirt.

The Different Types Of Slim Fit Jeans

There are different slim jeans style options in terms of finishes. If you are dressing formally, the right options are dark washes rather than white or light washes that are suitable for casual dressing. Dark colours and washes like dark blue, black and other dark or neutral colours look conservative and formal. Brightly coloured or finished ones like blue or black whitewashed jeans do not look formal.

Junkyard has your back with men's and women's slim fit jeans from the best brands like Levi's, Lee 101 and Sweet SKTBS. Browse through the options, take your pick and await convenient delivery to your door.