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A quality pair of jeans is a wardrobe must-have for anybody. Jeans for men come in different cuts and fits to suit your mood. Traversing all economic and social divides and as the ultimate go-to attire for the casual Friday, it pays to give a bit of thought to your collection of jeans. To help you in your search for the ultimate pair, we have put together a sort of denim encyclopaedia that covers different styles; from the classic loose fit jeans to the contemporary ripped jeans – we’ve got you!

Different Fits of Jeans for Men

A pair of loose fit jeans have a baggy feeling that offers breathing space. They offer plenty of space around the butt and thighs, so they don't stick to your legs on those hot days. Loose fit jeans for men are suitable for those days when you just want breathing room. Slim fit or skinny jeans work well in terms of both comfort and style. They look good when combined with slim-fit tees and shirts.

Regular fit jeans for women and men fit straight from the hip to the thigh. These jeans have mid-rise and large leg openings, making them cool and comfortable for everyday wear, be it at work or around the house.

Different Types of Denim from Junkyard

Apart from the cut, we offer you different denim types. The selvedge denim is a high calibre and authentic alternative to the stonewashed denim material. This material is darker, firmer and heavier compared to your regular denim. For this reason, the selvedge is considered as high-quality denim for making regular, loose and slim fit jeans.

Stonewashed denim immediately comes to mind when you think of denim jeans, jackets, shirts, caps & hats. Acid wash jeans have a mottled appearance because of chemical bleaching and are an excellent choice for the summer months. Waxed jeans have a shiny finish without the discomfort or weight of leather trousers.

Jeans for Men

We speak for most fashionistas when we say that jeans are the most versatile clothing piece in our wardrobe. You can use a pair of blue or black jeans walking the dog, at work, at home - the possibilities are virtually endless! However, there is a place and time for fashion. For instance, baggy jeans are casual enough for a backyard barbecue and just as comfortable for a night out on the town with your crew.

An outstanding characteristic of jeans is that there are many styles to choose from. But it depends on the occasion. Look at our jeans for women and see what works for the ladies in your life.

Get a Hippy Pair at Junkyard Today

It is a safe bet that the denim style has always been there, changing but always present! Whether you are looking for the latest ripped jeans or opt for a classic and timeless pair of jeans, we have got something in store for you. Our range of uber-cool jeans will have you looking your best, no matter the occasion. Up your fashion game by pairing the right trouser with the right hat, shirt, jacket, and pair of shoes!

Different types of jeans are a staple part of a man’s wardrobe. At Junkyard, we offer you the best collection of different jeans. Be comfortable and trendy at the same time!