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Switch Up Your Style In Men's Hats

Whether you need a hat for style or function, we've got them both. Most of us wear hats to protect the skin and eyes from the rays of the sun or maybe to cover a bad hair day. While you're at it, get a hat that does its purpose while staying fashionable. From boonies to bucket hats, to a stylish fedora and cap, our hats for men only come from the best brands that are suitable for any occasion and season. Look casual or classy with the best hats in style today from Junkyard.

Bucket Hats For Men

Bucket hats aren't going anywhere. From being a humble fisherman's hat to a fashion statement today, it gives you a street casual style. Our hats for men have a wide selection of designs, from laid-back to bold and patterned. A bucket hat is like an inverted bucket with wide brims, making it perfect to cover your eyes from the sun or move the rainwater away from your face to keep you from getting soaked.

If you need to add a bold or fresh statement to your everyday look, choose from our collection of men and women's hats that'll turn you from plain to chic real quick.

Boonie Hats And Fitted Caps

You may have seen boonie hats for soldiers but they are also common for fishermen, hunters, hikers, and other people heading out for outdoor activity. It is a little bit similar to a bucket hat for its wide brims and a floppy edge that also protects your face from the sun and rain.

No matter what you need a cap for, we have a wide selection here at Junkyard with the best materials and right fit. Get a boonie hat from reliable brands including Converse, and Rains. If a boonie hat is not your style, try out our fitted caps that are both versatile and comfortable.

Casual Caps And Hats For Men

It is safe to say that the most popular type of hat is a cap. The most common design is a laid-back baseball cap that is usually made of cotton or nylon. It's a one-size-fits-all with its easily adjustable strapback. Other caps have various designs and types including a baseball cap, snapback, newsboy, and flat cap. If you're going for a sporty look, a baseball cap is your best choice for super-sporty style and cred.

For an old but classic look, newsboy caps or flat caps are stylish pieces for a smart casual look. These caps are not only for men, but their unisex design is also great for women's hats.

A Classic Look With Fedoras from Junkyard

If you love a good old gangster or cowboy movie, you can live out that dream with fedoras that have stood the test of time. Pair it up with denim jeans and a killer jacket to finish off the look. We've got everything from a Castor Fedora to a Brixton. Choose from beige or brown, and select from XS to XL sizes. They come with an adjustable velcro strap, a custom liner, and a metal crest pin.

Instantly amp up your style from day to night, and winter to spring. Whatever style you are going for, a hat is a simple but functional accessory to wear.