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Your One Stop Shop For Fitted Caps For Men

The fitted cap was one of the first-ever caps to be introduced to the world back in 1934. We wouldn't be wrong if we called it the mother of all caps. Fitted caps are a decent choice when it comes to picking headgear. They cater to different occasions, settings, and environments. Unlike snapback caps, fitted caps cannot be adjusted so it might be a good idea to go through our fitted caps sizes to pick the right size. Check out the men's fitted caps section at Junkyard to browse our wide assortment of caps.

Types Of Men's Fitted Caps

Men's fitted caps have their differences centered around the curvature of the brim, the size of the crown, and the number of panels or materials sewn together. Depending on your preferences, you can either choose a flat or pre-curved brim baseball hat. What's more, you also have a choice between a constructed cap, which has a more fitted and "structured" look, and an unconstructed one that flops when placed on a flat surface since it is not "supported".

We also have an assortment of women's fitted caps in our selection that come in different designs and colours. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, you will find the perfect cap.

Pick Your Brand, Colour and Style

If you are a first-time fitted cap shopper, you can start by choosing from your favorite brands. Our collection consists of top brands from across the globe, featuring different colors and designs. When it comes to picking the right color, our black caps are a safe option since they match with numerous outfits.

As mentioned, fitted caps come in different designs. These designs are mostly based on the structure of the crown. Some of the different crown designs we have in our store include men's 5 panel caps medium crown, full crown, shallow crown, high crown, and ball cap.

Brims For Men's Fitted Caps

Although some people tend to re-shape their brims, it is always advisable to pick a brim you fancy from the get-go to maintain the structure and integrity of the cap. You can choose amongst our collection of flat brims, slightly pre-curved brims, or pre-curved brims. Apart from the curvature of the brim, you may also want to consider the peak type. This refers to the brim cut and stitches. Bandanas are also a great accessory to pair with your fitted cap, to give your look that finishing touch.

Whether you are looking for a square flat brim, round flat brim, regular, sandwich or piping pre-curved brims, you will find exactly what you are looking for in both our men's and women's fitted caps sections.

Measuring Your Hat Size

There are several ways to measure your hat size; you'll need a tape measure or some string and a ruler. Tie the tape measure or string around the largest part of your head, making them meet just above your eyebrows. Read the measurement of the tape measure but if you're using a string, use the ruler to measure the length. Compare the measurement with our fitted caps sizes chart to pick the perfect fitted cap.

Picking the right fitted cap is dependent on your style and preferences. At Junkyard, we have a vast collection of fitted caps from top brands to choose from. You'll be sure to find one that suits you.