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The right caps & hats for men add flair and style to your wardrobe. This simple accessory makes a bold statement about your persona. Truth is, playing the hat game is tough. But once you get into it, it’s easy to get hooked and you may never feel dressed without a hat. Fortunately, we have men's hats and caps for sale for every occasion you can think of. From garden hats and athletic hats to smart casual offerings, we have something special waiting for you. However, choosing the right one for your look might be a challenge, so we have listed the best hats to complete your look.

Caps & Hats for Men You Need In Your Wardrobe

Our first offering of hats for men is the Fedora hat. It is a favorite for gangsters in the 50s and 20s, and a hipster staple for the 21st-century man. The trilby is another of the must-have caps & hats for men. It is made from straw or tweed and has a small brim and tall crown, making it ideal for any time of the year. A trilby is also a great hat of choice.

Let’s not forget about the Panama hat. Created from plaited leaves, the Panama hat is a must-have accessory in the caps & hats for women category. On top of that, one of the most iconic caps is the bowler hat.

Snapback Hats for All

The 90s style baseball caps have been a popular choice with Yankees fans all over the world. Today, snapbacks have a dedicated niche following among fashionistas, ballers, cool kids, and cap connoisseurs. The cap has an adjustable fastener at the back, allowing for a one-size-fits-all design. Snapbacks have a rigid design that introduces an effortless but instant cool vibe to any outfit.

Anyone wearing this hat might seem like they are ready to give fashion advice. But these hats are incredible vintage accessories that add a laid-back style to your outfit. Dad hats are impressive additions to sports ensembles and the casual look when paired with jeans.

Newsboy And Flat Caps & Hats for Men

Way older than snapback caps, newsboy hats were a popular item in the 19th century. They are making a big comeback and gracing the heads of many. Newsboy caps feature a button on the top and panels running down the side. You can find these caps on our virtual isles. Another popular choice among television characters and celebrities are the flat caps. These caps come from a humble background and were once the typical wear for farmers and chimney sweepers.

Don't be the only one with a cool cap on your head this season! Make sure you check out our enormous selection of caps & hats for women today.

The Ever-Growing Hats Collections At Junkyard

Whether for fashion or function, western hats are for everyone who loves the traditional cowboy look, attitude, and style. Explore the world with a boater hat or trapper hat. Add an artistic, modern, and classy look to your outfit with a pork-pie hat or dress for an evening in high-class environs with the sophistication of a top hat. No matter your style, we have men's hats and caps for sale to make you and your wallet smile!

Whether you are shopping for formal hats, casual hats, outdoor hats, or athletic hats, Junkyard offers you an exceptionally wide selection of styles. Find exclusive deals at our online store today!