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Cool Men's Headbands

People used headbands as early as Ancient Greece as a symbol of achievement. Today, headbands have become popular for various reasons. Whether you need a headband for fashion, to keep sweat off your face, or to hold your hair away, a headband is the best choice. At Junkyard, we have headbands for men that are both versatile and useful. Choose from trusted brands for sports headbands. If you prefer something more casual, check out our bandanas that can be turned into a headband as well. Learn how to use a headband in many ways.

Sports Headbands For Men

Sports headbands for men are essential for any athlete or for those who engage in physical activities. Aside from keeping your eyes clear from hair, their main purpose is to keep sweat from running down your face to keep your focus on your physical activity rather than being bothered with it. There are several types of sports headbands including running headbands, tennis headbands, and gym headbands. Runner's headbands are thin and lightweight and are designed to stay put on your head.

Our men's and women's headbands for sports are highly absorbent of moisture and can be worn underneath a hat or a helmet. Plus, we have headbands that are stretchy and stay in place in any activity.

Popular Bandana Headbands

A bandana is a staple for style. People wear it in multiple ways, and a headband is one of them. It's an oversized handkerchief folded in a strip of about two inches wide. It is worn similar to a gym headband by tying the two ends together over the forehead.

While most people wear it for an edgy style, some wear a bandana for physical activities like hiking to keep hair and sweat away. It's made from breathable cotton that makes it comfortable to wear. If you need something to block the sun, check out our other caps that go well with our bandanas.

Skinny Headbands For Men

Skinny headbands are also known as slim headbands that are usually less than one inch thick. It's a common headband for athletes for the sole purpose of keeping the hair back. We have skinny headbands that come in a pack of six with six different designs. They are made of 70% polyester, 20% rubber, and 10% silicone. These headbands are kept above the forehead, so wearing facemasks won't be a problem at all and will enhance your style.

Our women's headbands are designed to suite anyone! The black and white colours are neutral, which means they go well with most outfits. It's a stylish and comfortable accessory for any hair length or head shape.

Why You Should Wear One

If you still don't have a headband, go get yours from Junkyard. We have thick and thin headbands that come in gender-neutral colors. Have a bad hair day? No problem! Our headbands are a great accessory to fix that in no time without the need for a haircut. Need something for sweat? Keep it comfy with a thick breathable headband from Junkyard. Any headband can fix that problem.

Besides, it's the best head accessory to showcase your personality and sense of style. So don't miss out on the latest styles and start collecting headbands from Junkyard.