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Why You Need Reusable Men's Facemasks

Wearing face masks has now become a norm. Aside from proper handwashing and sanitation, wearing a face mask is the best defense to prevent the spread of viruses. Instead of throwing away disposable face masks that contribute to environmental pollution, why not invest in reusable long-term facemasks for men? It's a face cover that is as effective as N95s and surgical masks. The best face masks are mostly made of cotton, durable, and are easy to clean. If you need a new face mask right now, check out our collection of face masks that come in neutral colors.

The Best Facemasks For Men

The best facemasks for men should be breathable and comfortable. Since you'll be wearing this against the skin, it should be able to let your skin breathe without irritating it. The best mask is a reusable mask that is washable, thus, making it more eco-friendly and affordable. Before buying one, make sure it fits perfectly on your face. It should have a snug fit to protect your nose and mouth.

Lastly, it's also a good idea to choose neutral-colored masks that would go with any clothing and style. To be on the safe side of fashion, always remember that less is more. If you need durable women's facemasks get them only from Junkyard's collection.

What To Avoid In A Face Mask

Before buying a COVID mask, make sure to avoid medical-grade respirators or personal protective equipment (PPE) to give more supplies to those who need it more, including health workers and people of high risks. It's a good thing that we have plenty of other options that work just the same.

Moreover, avoid letting a two-year-old child wear a mask unassisted since chances of suffocation are high. If you still don't have a face mask as of the moment, you can try wearing men's scarves to act as a face covering.

How To Wash Facemasks For Men

Anything that touches our body can acquire some bacteria that could lead to skin irritation or acne. When we wear caps, scarves, and face masks, they come in contact with the bacteria on our skin and could lead to a skin problem if we choose to wear them again unwashed. Thus, always wash your face mask after every use to remove any bacteria or viruses it may have. Simply hand wash or machine wash them with antibacterial soap.

We have plain men's and women's facemasks made of cotton and elastane. They are safe to wash at 60 degrees. However, keep in mind that it can't be bleached or tumble dry.

Buy Facemasks From Junkyard

Here at Junkyard, we have one-size-fits-all face masks that come in several colors including black, brown, light beige, light grey, and blue. The designs are simple, and the colors are neutral that can go well with any attire. It's a reusable face cover that can be easily washed by hand or by machine. These facemasks are made to last long and can withstand continuous washing and wearing.

If you need a new set of facemasks, don't forget to drop by at Junkyard. Show that you care about your loved ones and friends by giving them a facemask from us as well.