Best Men's Suitcases For Travel

With countless options on the market today, looking for the best suitcase can be a struggle. Whether you need a one-size-fits-all carry-on bag or a budget-friendly suitcase, what's important is a bag that gets you going from one place to another. Choosing the 'best' depends entirely on personal taste, design, features, and most importantly, the price. Splurging on quality bags should be treated as an investment. For a jet setter like you, a long-lasting durable suitcase is what you need. Whether you need one for business trips or staycations, we have suitcases for men that'll surely meet your expectations.

Hard VS. Soft Suitcases For Men

Both hard and soft cases have their pros and cons. Depending on your packing style and needs, you'll be able to select the right suitcase appropriate to your travels. Soft suitcases for men are all about flexibility. It's the most popular choice, especially for carry-ons that need to fit under the seat or overhead bins in the plane. Choose from our range of soft-sided suitcases and match it up with a waistbag to complete your jet-setting outfit.

If you're carrying fragile items like laptops or cameras, then hard-sided men's and women's suitcases are the way to go. Get a hard suitcase that is made of lightweight materials but strong enough to withstand any impact thrown at it.

Two VS. Four Wheels

We know four-wheeled spinners are the dream bags for easy maneuver. But let's not forget that some four-wheelers are easily breakable, eventually the wheels having a mind of their own, spinning in every direction. Although a two-wheeled travel bag doesn't have the same 360-degree feature, it is still the most reliable with a simple forward and backward movement.

Whatever surface you pass by, a two-wheeled suitcase can easily slide on uneven surfaces. Both two and four-wheeled suitcases are great. Whether you push or pull, as long as it serves the purpose of easily transporting your bag. 

Extra Features Of Suitcases For Men

Let's dive into the little features of a suitcase that are as equally as important as the foundation of the bag. Similar to testing out the straps of backpacks, the handles of a suitcase should be sturdy enough that it doesn't break when you carry them. When you test out the handles, they should feel comfortable enough to hold and won't injure your hands. Another extra feature to consider is the zippers of the bag. Choose bags with big and sturdy zippers.

Metal zippers are better than plastic. They're stronger and smoothly clasps to each tooth of the zipper. Nothing beats a matching style, so if you need women's suitcases too, we've got you covered.

Find The Right Luggage At Junkyard

There's nothing better than going on a trip knowing your things are safe and secure with quality bags. At Junkyard, we only choose trusted brands that make multi-functional and durable bags. Getting a bag from us gives you confidence in traveling as they have integrated TSA locks and are sized according to airplane cabin standards. Whether you need a carry-on bag or check-in, Junkyard has only the best.

A perfect bag is only one of the few things you need for travelling. Check out our accessories that'll surely come in handy including waist bags, wallets and many more.