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Men's bags

Manly Bags For Any Occasion

While some people might just be happy enough with a battered bag for everything, we know you're the stylish type looking for bags for men. You need different types of men's bags depending on what you are carrying, where you are going, and who is going to see you. Like your accessories, you need a rotation if not a full-blown collection that includes the quintessential backpack and everything in between to suit what you're carrying and where you're going. So, look no further than our range of bags and accessories for every occasion.

Duffle And Backpack Men's Bags

Usually made of tear-proof, lightweight material, the duffel bag is a staple in every wardrobe. These men's bags are easily identifiable by their parallel handles, cylindrical shape, and open compartment. They help minimize space waste and are manufactured from a durable material that allows for the transportation of various items, such as the skate bag duffle. The classic backpack has an open pocket design and a smaller outer pocket. An included singular cross strap or pair of parallel straps allow for easy carrying.

Backpacks are versatile manly bags suitable for casual use during weekend or day trips but are also great women's bags. Some have mesh and padding that makes it easy to carry heavy items. The backpack’s versatility is limitless.

Shop The Latest Gym Bags And Briefcases At Junkyard

Whether you are a first-timer or seasoned gym customer, it is easy to dream up all the reasons for not going to your next workout. But don’t let your moth-bitten, tattered gym bag be another excuse. These sturdy sacks can hold all your essentials, including trainers, a towel, and a protein shake. The latest designs are also big enough to hold your skateboard.

Originally used by lawyers to transport documents to and from the court, the briefcase is designed to work with you. It makes sense to choose one that matches your attire. At Junkyard, we have briefcases that match shoes and even wallets for men.

Weekend And Messenger Men's Bags

Weekend bags are perfect for storing a neat capsule of travel essentials and clothing. Make sure you check the dimensions if you intend to use it as hand luggage for your weekend or day excursion. These bags are available in nylon, polyester, and leather for the formal weekend. The weekender is available in many colors and models but maintains the classic square bag look. If you are looking for something for daily use as a freight bag, messenger bags are the solution.

Messenger bags have a single strap and a spacious compartment. The classic rectangular shape makes the bag perfect for carrying a laptop, documents, or books. Our selection of women's bags also offers the same functionality.

The Cross-Body Bag Convenience

If you think streetwear is pretentious and overpriced, the cross-body bag might be one of the most practical everyday bags for men. Unless you are carrying gym equipment or a laptop, this bag is ideal for carrying your wallet, keys, and phone. The cross-body bag introduces a touch of unexpectedness to your outfit and designers are finding more ways to pair it with everything from tracksuits to office wear.

For play or work, everybody deserves a proper bag to keep their valuables organised and secure. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find style meets practicality here at Junkyard.