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Men's Bags For Every Occasion

Ever wondered why some people have so many bags? Maybe you'll understand after learning about the different bags for men available at Junkyard. From suitcases to shoulder bags and tote bags, each of our bags has a purpose. Depending on where you're going and what you're doing, there's a perfect bag for you. Our bags have a variety of sizes, colours and materials that will suit your style. We have quality bags for modern men that are stylish yet functional. In this article, we have rounded up the most essential bags for a variety of needs.

Tote Bags For Men

One of the most versatile bags for men is a tote bag. It's a popular choice for many because of its sleek and versatile function. Totes can be made from nylon or leather materials. Its sophisticated design makes it a great alternative to a briefcase for work. Choose a tote bag that is highly functional and contains several interior pockets for more compartments to organise your stuff. Most importantly, find a tote bag with a zipper to secure all the items.

Choose from among our men's bags that will carry your work gear including a laptop, camera, or important documents. We have famous and reliable brands including The North Face, Rains, and Patagonia, among others.

Shop The Latest Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags, also known as messenger bags, are similar to a tote bag but only smaller in size. It has the same functionality where you can transport your laptop, lunch and paperwork. It's a bag with a long strap that you can adjust accordingly. Choose a shoulder bag with a padded strap for the ultimate comfort.

Whether you need a bag for commuting, casual wear or sportswear, simply browse through our collection of cool shoulder bags from famous brands like Urban Classics, Rave, and Sandqvist. Match your bag with our latest wallets for a stylish combination.

Backpack Bags For Men

Similar to sneakers, watches and hats, backpacks are one of the most common accessories to have. It is the most versatile and comfortable bag, depending on your lifestyle. Our collection of bags can be for work, gym or casual use. For the best quality, choose a backpack with adjustable padded straps and breathable material to lessen heat on your back. Sweat is the last thing you want when wearing this bag. We have only the best brands such as Nike, Herschel and Vans.

If you are a frequent commuter especially with expensive gadgets, choose a bag with protective compartments to prevent it from being stolen easily. While you're at it, check out our range of women's bags with the same functionality.

Suitcases For The Traveller

A frequent traveller needs the most durable suitcase that would last a lifetime of being carried in and out. Before purchasing one, know what type of suitcase you need. Suitcases can be soft or hard, big or small and leather or plastic. For instance, one of the brands we have is Burton. Burton's suitcase is made of wind and water-repellent material. On top of that, it has several zippered compartments to keep your belongings in place.

Choosing a bag depends on your style and budget. You always need to consider the colour, size, material, functionality, and most especially the price. When all of these variables meet your expectations, you'll surely find the perfect bag for you.