Wrist watches bring style and function

Watches were considered to be a female-only accessory prior to the 1920s. Luckily, this has changed, and, although there is a decline in wearing men's watches due to mobile phones, they remain an attractive, convenient, and reliable accessory. Wristwatches not only make it easier for wearers to stay on schedule, but they also help men show off their sense of style. They are a means of self-expression. Depending on the brand, they may reflect a sense of danger, adventure, or sports. A men's watch gift set is a perfect gift to surprise your loved one with!

The emergence of timeless men's watches

The Timex name was first applied to a small batch of nurses' watches during World War II, and the first official Timex men's watches debuted in 1950. They have continued to release timeless pieces and reliable watch works ever since. One of its classics is the iconic Q Timex men's watch with rubber strap . This original Q Timex watch with a synthetic rubber strap provided men and women with a cutting-edge quartz watch when it was first released in the 1970s.

39 mm in diameter with golden accents, the CHPO Nima Black Gold, plastic waste was used tocreate this beautiful watch.In addition to reducing pollution across ecosystems, reusing plastic helps conserve natural resources, saves land for landfills, and eases the strain on fossil fuel production.

Saving time at Junkyard

A good watch is an investment that can be passed down through generations. You will be pleased to know that here at Junkyard we have men's watches on sale so that you can continue to accessorise in style and quality. When you sign up for our newsletter, you will be the first to know about men’s watches on sale.

When it comes to women's watches we haven’t forgotten about them here at Junkyard. You can match your style by choosing contemporary men's and womens watches. Many of the watches are unisex, if you prefer a smaller watch face on your wrist.

Men's watches reveal the passing of time

Our range of digital watches has been carefully selected so that we are able to offer the best. For the nostalgic out there, we carry the Timex T80 X Space Invaders watch. It features an alarm and date display, as well as a stop watch, and is water-resistant to 30m. It comes in silver, gold, and black. We also stock Casio digital watch, often considered the leaders in the market, some of which can be connected to Bluetooth.

CHPO incorporates bold colours with the simplicity and minimalism of Swedish design. Their watches are PETA-Approved, making use of vegan leather and recycled plastic. These watches' elegant designs are available in many colours..

Watches making a difference

CHPO and The Hunger Project have teamed up to bring you the End Hunger Watch. This watch is made from 100% recycled stainless steel and all profits go towards ending world hunger. If you are looking to get your significant other a men's watch gift set , take a look around Junkyard. You never know what you will find! From retro to new concepts, we have them all here.

Men’s watches are a classic accessory. Here at Junkyard, we showcase the best men's watches and watch brands that will show your style and self-expression in 2022 and beyond.