Warm and Stylish Men's Mittens

As is the case with all other items of clothing, mittens for men should be selected with function, protection, and style in mind. During the cold and rainy seasons, they are a must to keep the hands warm and dry. In regards to style, they should be chosen to make a statement of style be it one of simplicity or flamboyance. When it comes to the function of remaining warm, wool mittens are the best choice. Junkyard has a wide range of high-quality mittens to suit every style and all at very pocket-friendly prices.

Mittens for Men

Though it is to each his own when it comes to fashion, men generally prefer understated styles. This is what makes leather mittens so popular with them. They are often simple in style and durable enough to be used season after season. Mittens for men that are made of leather are also one of the best options when it comes to function. They keep the hands warm because of the waterproof quality of the lining they have inside.

Thanks to their typical simple style that looks neutral, men's and women's mittens work for almost any outfit. Some of the best brands of mittens are available right here at Junkyard.

Choosing the Best Mittens

Their main function is to provide warmth so you want to choose mittens that will do that reliably. In this regard, the lining is important. Sheepskin is popularly used to line mittens because it is very warm. It is also quite durable. It is typically used around the wrist with a lighter fabric like polyester used to line the inside.

Most of the companies that make mittens also make weatherproof jackets. One way to make your choice of mittens is with matching puffer jackets. Again, Junkyard has got you covered with a large selection of these jackets with mittens that match.

Sports Mittens for Men

While all mittens are worn to keep warm, there are those that are made particularly for winter sports and leisure activities like skiing and snowboarding. These are made to very precise safety standards. They have synthetic exteriors which are most often nylon. It is used to make an exterior that is waterproof, breathable, and has insulation to provide warmth. Sports mittens will also have abrasion-resistant patches on the palms, fingers, and knuckles. Junkyard has a selection of these kinds of mittens in addition to those made for everyday wear with or without matching hoodies.

Just like jackets, you can choose men or women's mittens that match with hoodies. Junkyard also stocks a selection of them made for everyday wear or for use in outdoor adventure pursuits like sports.

Get it Right and Stay Warm

Whether you go for wool mittens, those made of synthetic material, or leather, make sure you get it right first for the sake of safety and avoiding problems like frostbite. Secondly, get it right for the sake of looking stylish and to have mittens that you can use season after season. Junkyard's selection of men's and women's mittens is a wide one that has something for every taste and preference.

Browse through Junkyard's extensive range of mittens online, order online, and make your payment on a secure payment network. Gift cards are also available, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter.