Essential Men's Jewellery

Looking for a statement piece of jewellery? We've got you covered. You can amp up your ensemble with our collection of jewellery for men. Whether you're looking for kingpins, cufflinks, bracelets, or tie pins, take your pick from our timeless pieces. Effortlessly wear jewellery at formal events or elevate your casual outfit with our necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Anyone can wear a piece of jewellery, no matter the occasion. In this article, you'll read about the must-have pieces of jewellery for your wardrobe and how to wear them for any occasion.

Bracelet And Cufflink Jewellery For Men

Wearing a watch may be the most common way to sport a piece of jewellery for men. Aside from watches, why not add a bracelet that'll stand out? Depending on the trend, you can either wear thick leather or metal chains or wear thin minimalist bracelets. Bracelets can be gold, silver, or bronze with various designs including rope, twisted, or chained. For formal attire, cufflinks are a great way of enhancing your suit. Have a little fun with our range of various colors and designs.

If you're struggling with the type of cufflinks, go for a simple and subtle design that can go with any suit. Always keep in mind that men's and women's jewellery should still reflect who you are.

Tie Pins, Clips And Buttons

Lapel and tiepin, clips, and buttons are some small accessories that add appeal to your outfit. These accessories may be overlooked but it's a form of expression of one's personal style. Our pins and clips come in tons of colors, sizes, and designs. They can be worn on the lapel or tie.

These tie accessories have one job: to keep your tie in place. Our tie clips and pins can be a strip of gold or silver. As for blazer buttons, you can customize your jacket with our simple buttons and wear them at work or formal events.

The Best Neck Jewellery For Men

Don't shy away from a necklace. Simply keep it basic but classic with a light chain. You can personalize it with pendants that resonate with your personality. As a common rule, stick with the same material and color if you're wearing multiple accessories. For instance, if you're wearing a gold bracelet, then opt for a gold necklace as well. This way, you can wear any type of jewellery with ease. At Junkyard, you'll find famous brands and collaborations to choose from including Ace trucks and Fanny Lyckman.

Looking for a perfect present for a special someone? Check out our wide collection of women's jewellery as well. You'll find timeless and versatile pieces for any occassion.

Statement Rings And Earrings

Go ahead and experiment a little with our rings and earrings. It's a fashion statement that you can wear with any clothing style. Be bold and try a sterling silver ring that is timeless. Some people also prefer big and chunky rings. If you don't mind the weight, then you can easily rock this trend. Our advice - wear only one chunky ring to make it stand out and not overdo it. Make sure to match these rings with our Kingpin.

Earrings may not be for everybody. If you'd like to change your persona from time to time, then piercings are a way to go. We suggest wearing a small piece that is less eye-catching if you prefer something subtle.