Men's Belts For Every Occassion

Every part of your outfit, including beanies, gets more attention than the belt. It is more of a utility that is picked up as an afterthought and not as a fashion accessory. In reality, though, it should be the opposite. Belts for men can help you make a statement or differentiate yourself. A high-quality black or brown belt completes an outfit, while the statement or exotic belt can be the centerpiece of your entire outfit. Mismatching the belt with your outfit can ruin the effect you are going for. So, how do you choose the right belt?

Belts For Men

Belts for men typically fall into either dress belts or casual belts categories. The dress belt category is more formal and usually worn with dressier attire and suits. A casual belt is usually less formal and wider and worn with shorts, jeans, and multiple clothing types. Junkyard has an extensive selection of both belt types that come from famous fashion houses that make quality hand bags. Here, we dig into the specifics of each belt type.

There is plenty to pay attention to while choosing women's belts and men. You can pick a belt that fits a specific occasion or outfit, or choose a random one that matches all your attires. Simplify the process using this guide.

Dress Belts at Junkyard

The biggest rule to observe is to match your belt with the shoes you want to wear. It is rare for the material of your belt and shoe to match. Instead, focus on getting colors that are the same or match. Full-grain leather and suede are the most popular materials for dress belts. The latter are urban classics that crossover from dress to casual easily.

Dress belts are between 1 ¼ inch to 1 3/8 inch wide, and about 1/8 inch thick. Fairly minimalist and polished belt buckles are the best for dressier clothing. While shopping for a dress belt, make sure you check out our beanies & scarves collection.

Casual Belts For Men

Casual belts offer more flexibility depending on the situation. This means you can get away with the same belt for several scenarios or even use different belts with the same outfit. Casual belts are usually 1 ¼ inch to 1 ¾ inch wide, and those for jeans are 1 ½ inch wide. Cotton is a major material used for these belts and is a great option for the outdoorsman. Canvas belts are durable and easy to clean and can take a soaking better than leather.

There are more buckle options for casual belts. Statement belt buckles stand out and have a matte or burnished finish. Buckle sizes on women's belts and men can range from round to a roller.

Determine the Right Belt Size

The size makes all the difference. A belt is only perfect when you get the right size and it fits around the waist perfectly. However, the belt should be one size larger than your waist size. At Junkyard, we size based on the waist of the type of trousers you will be wearing. If you wear medium size trousers, then order a medium size belt. Remember to check out our beanies section to keep you warm in the cold.

Choosing a belt might seem complicated at first. Knowing some of the basic rules makes the process a lot easier. Choose wider belts for casual attire and narrower ones for formal dressing.