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How To Style Men's Bandanas

When it comes to accessories, bandanas for men are a great addition to your everyday outfit. The simple square scarf is handy as it can be worn in several ways, from your head to waist. No matter the season, it can keep you cool in the hot summer or warm in the chilly winter. Gone are the days when it was merely used for bikers and rockstars as anyone can wear a bandana for fashion. Our bandanas are lightweight and made of breathable fabric. At Junkyard, we only have the best products to upgrade your wardrobe, may it be hats, sweaters, or stickers, we've got something for every need.

Wear Neck Bandanas For Men

One of the most common and easiest ways to wear men's or women's bandanas is by tying them around the neck. There are several ways to style bandanas for men. You can twist and make a knot in the front or back of the neck, or fold it into a triangular shape and tie it around the neck, or wrap it around the neck and hide the ends underneath your shirt. As you choose a bandana, why not match it up with our latest wallets?

Select from our wide selection of men's and women's bandanas designs and colours. Choose the right hues that are appropriate to your overall look. To be on the safe side, opt for neutral tones to match any shirt colour.

Wrap Around Your Face And Head

Bandanas can also be wrapped around the head for a bolder look. Simply fold it into a triangle and fold the long ends to form a long piece. Then, wrap it around your head and place the knot at the back or side of the head. If you'd like to switch it up a bit, try out our hippest caps & hats for men as well.

This look is commonly seen in parties, festivals, and concerts but it can be used on an ordinary day out. Aside from the head, you can use a bandana to wrap around your face and use it as a face mask for fashion. Complete your look with our versatile shoulder bags.

Wrist And Waist Bandanas For Men

Bandanas are not only for headwear but they can also be styled on your wrist and waist. It combines well with your everyday casual look by adding a twist to your sense of style. Simply fold the bandana until it becomes a thin long piece of cloth and wrap it around your wrist until the ends meet. As a subtle additional touch to your clothing put it in your pocket or belt and let it hang out.

Junkyard's men's and women's bandanas are made of quality cotton fabric that will surely last in all seasons. It's a cool and stylish accessory with a useful purpose.

When To Wear A Bandana

The best thing about bandanas is that they can be used on all kinds of occasions. Whether you are looking for something casual or smart, a bandana is a great accessory to recreate one's appearance. Use a bandana with a shirt, polo, and jeans for a laidback style. For a smart casual outfit, you can easily match it with a suit and shirt without making you look underdressed for the occasion. Bandanas, stickers, caps - what else do you need?

Junkyard has every kind of accessory you never knew you needed in your wardrobe. Be adventurous and try something different with our hippest bandanas and other stylish accessories.