YÔKE presented by
Nicklas Nurmi

Meet Nicklas Nurmi, Yôkes' design manager – or as he humbly presents himself – a creator.

The Finnish born, Swedish raised, now Norwegian based creator has always been passionate about aesthetics. From his childhood days he was altering and adjusting, but the clothing part didn’t come until later. He quit his day job and started working for free in a clothing store, dreaming of one day opening his own. A year in Italy and many different stores later, he realized it would just be easier to produce the looks he wanted.

“I have way too much respect for the profession to call myself a designer. I would rather label it, as some kind of creator”


20 years later, here I am. Still learning and developing. Appreciating new things. I guess the speed of life made me blind for the simple things. Where I now find real beauty. As a brand we canstill make changes. I believe in slow and steady progression in an organic way. Built to last, and hopefully for others to nurture in the future.


“I more than often ask myself: Is your work really needed in this world? And every time the answer to myself is the same: Probably not, but if you can change it just a little. It’s all worth it.”


YÔKE started from the idea of balancing the everyday wardrobe. The name was a natural choice to symbolize the distribution and balance, between personal style and timeless everyday items. Making high quality products in a responsible way, for a reasonable price is our everyday challenge. And we love it! We believe in transparency and honesty, to make it easier for our customers to make choices. We think that long lasting design and good quality is crucial, as a first step towards a more sustainable future. Responsibility of our actions towards our planet and the life on it, is key for us.
We call it "Small Efforts – Altered Future".


Small Efforts - Altered Future

- We use 100% organic cotton or BCI cotton.

- Our production is always made by chosen, qualified and responsible factories.

- All our down products are made with Responsible Down.

- Our goal is to use 100% preferred fibers in man made synthetics, wool and animal fibers.