Edit and pictures : William Forslund


Say hello to Sannah Sae, the up and coming pop queen from Sweden. In 2020 she released her debut single “Kan du se på mig nu” and from that point on Sannah was a star. Her music is filled with feelings and honesty, completed with her powerful voice. Late 2021 she performed her song Färgblind for us at Junkyard Tuesday Tunes 

We had a chat with Sannah.


Hey Sannah, how are you?

Hey Junkyard. I’m fine, a bit tired after a gig I had yesterday, but at the same time filled with love and energy from everyone who showed up.


You might be a new name for some, how would you introduce yourself to new listeners?

SANNAH SAE. Artist and songwriter. 25 years old. Born and raised in Växjö. I’ve been performing my whole life, but after moving to Stockholm in 2020 I started releasing my own music. I would describe my music as playful pop mixed with provocative and sensitive topics.


We love it! So, tell us. How was 2021 for you?

2021 was a roller coaster. It started with me releasing ”Shit va stark” which meant a lot for me, and it resulted in being my biggest breakthrough as of yet. I have been working hard and it has been tough with all this confusion around how to work and how to keep hope up. Live gigs then started to open more and more and the opportunity to finally meet my audience again makes me excited for 2022.


Yeah, the music business had a tough year. How has it been not being able to tour?

My interest in music is based on live performances and has always been a great passion of mine. It has off course been hard, but I have tried to find energy in being able to focus on working in the studio, writing music as much as possible.


You are performing Färgblind. Could you tell us a little bit about song?

“How could I have been so blind?” Many can probably relate to that thought, looking back on a relationship or situation. Color blindness is about realizing what is best for you and deciding to make a change. For me, it was moving to Stockholm and start releasing my own music. The song was written in just a few hours, and it was a fucking bliss in the studio. My wake-up call was damn worth celebrating.


Where do you find inspiration for your music and what is your best tip for young artists who wants to follow their dream?

I am an emotional person and inspiration for my music is always based on my own feelings. The lyrics are influenced by everything around me in everyday life. Life and experiences.


Being young in the music industry is hard. Doubting yourself in such a tough industry is completely reasonable. It is important to always trust your gut feeling, stand up for yourself and what you want. And the most important thing is to never neglect your humility along the way. It feels like everyone knows you, but no one knows anything. Do not compromise.


Lets do three quick Q&As:

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl 100%


Love or money?

Aaah, love.


Airguitar or aidrums?

Hard one, but air guitar.


Thanks so much Sannah, we are looking forward to follow you and your music.

Thank you Junkyard, for having me on Tuesday Tunes.