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Photos: Daniel Kivle


Lotte Kjos Sollie, also known as just Lotte isn´t just an up-and-coming Norwegian artist, but also a full-time nurse. The talented girl from Jessheim called up her friends and threw a release concert in our store at Karl Johan, Oslo. We´re proud to introduce you to Lottes new song "Left Behind". 

Lotte spoke with us about music, pandemic and future plans.


Hi Lotte, big grats on your newest release, “Left Behind”



Tell us a bit more about the song. What is the story of “Left Behind”

I worked a lot with producer Henrik The Artist in the fall of 2019 and he was just messing around on his guitar, and out of nowhere played some of the melody to the song. We recorded a demo and I think I’ve listened to the demo almost every day. I’m so happy that we finally got to finish- and release it!


Some of us already know of you, but how would you introduce yourself to any new listeners?

I’m a cool girl who writes sad pop songs with an indie-vibe.


It has been a challenging couple of years, how has it been being an artist in the middle of a pandemic?

It’s been difficult finding creative motivation and it’s been a lot of ups and downs. I released my debut EP in the beginning of the pandemic at the same time as I worked as a nurse in one of the biggest hospitals in Norway. My job as nurse took all my energy, and for a long time I wasn’t able to do both. I’m glad I’m having more energy again so that I can enjoy making more music and show everyone what I’ve been working on the past couple of years. 


If you could choose, who would be your dream live-act?

<3 Adele <3 forever in my heart


Rumor has it your whole family is quite talented, was music an obvious path for you when growing up?

It’s never been an option not to work with music. I’ve been making music and performing as long as I can remember and my goal has always been to be able to make a living off of it, one way or another. seeing my brothers making their way in their own industries has definitely been very important for my motivation! They are the best and they’re always helping me out a lot. 


What’s in store for you next?

I am releasing more music early 2022! 


Allright, lets finish with a quick this or that:


Social media message or text message? Text message

Animals or people? Both<3 lots of love to everyone and every-dog

Roller coasters or water slides? Definitely water slides


Thank you Lotte, we can`t wait for you to release more music!