Edit: Ola Sollie

Pictures: Ane Gyllstrøm


We're proud to introduce you to Eirik Langva. Langva is an norwegian producer, songwriter and artist and is relatively new to the music scene, but we predict a bright future for the multitalent from Høvik. Together with Sindre Høklie they're serving us some groovy tunes for Tuesday Tunes:  "Call Me".


Hi Langva, How are you?

– Hello! I am fine, thank you. Looking forward to spring!

We love your song “Call Me”, tell us more about it.

– Oh thanks a lot. I wanted to make a song that focused more on the vibe of the bassline and drums. The beat is sort of a tilted groove and is very behind the beat, which in this case makes the song more groovy. The song is about the feeling you have when you’re waiting on a phone call from someone you hold dear.

Do you have a fun fact about yourself? 

– I have a tattoo of a human heart. But if you cover up the top part of the tattoo it resembles a penis. It was not intentional. I also have a third tear duct on my right ear. 

What/who inspires you and why? 

– In music I can get inspiration from almost anything. I love listening to different genres and get ideas from different instruments or vibes in general. I tend to get melody ideas right before I fall asleep, but I rarely bother to get up and write it down - so when I wake up it’s gone forever :(

What has music meant to you?

– Music is what I spend almost 70% of the day thinking about, either listening, playing or making. I am really glad my dad got me a tiny acoustic guitar when I was 8 years old, and I have kinda been hooked ever since.

When and where are you most creative?

– It’s hard to say because creativity comes and goes for me. I can have periods where everything gives me some kind of inspiration, and other times it’s harder to find the spark. Although, at night times, when everyone else is in bed sleeping, and there’s no distractions, I can more easily get in the creative zone. 

What has been the most challenging with the music industry?

– I think for me, who is relatively unknown, the most challenging part is to get enough exposure. I want to learn how to hack the algorithm!! In reality I think it’s all about baby-steps.

What is a big no go for you in music?

– Hmm, I am really openminded when it comes to genres and different styles of music. However, I’m not a huge fan of modern, overly produced - pitch perfect American country music. Even though a bit of Toby Keith can be fun at late parties.

How do you go from an idea to a finished product?

– Sometimes the road from an idea to a song being finished is a pretty straight line. Other times I can have a song seventy percent there - and I work with the chorus or arrangements with my keyboard player, Sindre Høklie. He also mixes a lot of my stuff, and has a really good ear.

Is it true what they say? Heartbreaks makes great lyrics?

– Definitely! Most of my songs are about either wanting someone or missing someone. It’s hard to say what makes heartbreaks a go-to for songwriting. But it seems to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What’s the worst advice you’ve received, but still followed anyway?

– Can’t think anything music related. But I Snus. Not a healthy habit, but I do it anyway. I have to add that I started on my own free will and was never advised to start snusing.

Do you have any rituals before performing?

– I like to have a few beers. And maybe do the mantra from “School of Rock” - let’s rock, let’s rock today!!

What is your biggest fear?

– Dying alone :( 

What’s your biggest achievement?

– It’s really hard to say! I have something, but it’s not an achievement, it’s more of an experience. When I was 18, me, my dad, my bass player (Jørgen) and his dad, went to Liverpool on a Beatles festival. One night there was an open mic thing, with a house band, at “The Cavern”, the nightclub where Beatles got their recognition. My dad went behind my and Jørgen’s back and signed us up. We unwillingly went on stage and played “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix in front of a packed The Cavern. So I can proudly say I have played on the same stage as The Beatles!

If you could jam with anyone, dead or alive – who would it be and where?

– I would love to jam out in the jizz jazz studio with Mac DeMarco - just make whatever comes to mind. It would probably be something extremely goofy and funky.

What are your plans for the nearest future? 

– I have a few concerts in March I’m really looking forward to. I am having a release gig in Kulturhuset Oslo the 18th of march. It’s gonna be my first full solo gig with Langva band. I’ll be playing a couple of brand new songs which is really exciting!

 Thanks, we can’t wait to see you on stage! We will be there and cheer you on.