Photo/Edit: Johannes Wiken

Thomas Jones, also known as JNS is an artist and producer and has worked with some of the biggest names within the music industry in Norway. Here performing his latest track «New Era Cap» at Junkyard Tuesday Tunes.

Enjoy ⭐

Hello Thomas! What is the story behind your new song «New Era Cap»? 🧢

– I am a fan of letting the music speak for itself, so I recommend turning on your air pods and listen – and you will figure it out.

Okay, great tip :) Tell us: how old were you when you started with music? 🤔

– I’ve played drums since I was 11 years old and made beats and rapped since I was around 16-17 years old.

That's some time! If you could've worked with anyone, who would it be? 😎

– I have a lot of dream collabs, but on my bucket list is Cam’ron and Rick Ross.

We would love to see that happen! What can we expect from JNS in the future? 👽

– There is more to come! JNS in the fast lane!!

Great to hear! We will keep our eyes and ears wide open 👀👂