The Cava Company x GRLSHRED

Making waves, we push forward changing the female future in boardsports. 


The board-community Grlshred and skate-brand Cava Company join forces and launches an exclusive skate collection focusing on girls on boards. The collab includes a t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, two skate decks and two griptapes. With soft, feminine prints on baggy, skate-friendly clothes, this is a collection that can be worn by everyone. 


The Cava Company is all about the street and skateboarding culture – our mission is to make products for all who want to be a part of this community. Just like the wine, Cava Company is bursting with flavor and sparkling energy. Skateboarding, music, art and street culture are at the core of our brand and runs through everything we do. Pop the cork, let the creativity flow and enjoy our wave! 

"What I find most exciting about designing for Cava Company is that my job is about much more than just the clothes we make. It's about community, playfulness, it's about being accepted, about cheering for each other. It's about daring to try and venturing out. And it's literally about falling and getting back up. I hope the clothes we make at Cava Company can contribute to giving girls a strong identity within the street and skate culture. That's why it feels so natural to collaborate with GRLSHRED." - Madelén, Cava Company 


Grlshred is a fun and safe community for girls on boards created in Oslo, Norway. Focusing on inclusion and mastery regardless of level they invite all girls to join their adventures. The stoke and passion brings true energy and happiness wherever they go, wheter it`s in the skatepark, lineup or the slopes.  

“To me, it’s not so much about boardsports anymore, but the community we´ve managed to create together. Being outside in nature, feeling a sense of mastery is both physically and mentally good for all of us. It's all about challenging ourselves and each other, creating something special together. We try, fail and try again. It's not about being the best, but just being there. I`m proud to be part of such a positive female change in sports, this is the future. We in Grlshred are so grateful that Cava Company are on this journey with us" - Ane, Grlshred