Cariuma is the shoe brand of the future, new in Scandinavia, as well as appreciated and adopted by skaters worldwide in recent years. Now the Cariuma wave is coming to us, from South America, through the USA and Europe, to me and you. You've probably seen the green logo on skate competitions and X games winners, now you can also lace up a pair of Cariuma shoes and skate in them. This brand has so many layers to dive into and learn about, established in such a short time, and the journey starts now with you. Not only does Cariuma have the world's best skate team and the planet's coolest skate shoes, the products and the entire production behind them are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. They even plant 2 trees per pair of shoes they sell. That`s giving back to nature! Cariuma skate shoes are ready for a skate session straight from the shoebox, while being durable and comfortable from day one. The models you find with us now are hand-picked skate shoes by skaters for you, so that you get the best experience for your feet that the world has to offer.

See you in the skatepark!