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Interview with Tor and Kevin from Beyond Medals

Finally ready for outerwearWould you like to tell us about the collection?

Kevin Bäckström: 

-YesfinallyAfter countless hours of design, product development and product testingwe have finally put together a full outerwear collection that we are superhappy with and can from both design and technical specsstand with 100%.

Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Beyond Medals?

Tor Lundström:

-Long story short. Kevin and I was a part of the Swedish national team and filmed some documentary episodes we called ”Beyond Medals” on our way to the Olympics. We wanted to show the fun side of the journey and that it's more to snowboarding than coaching and trainingUnfortunately Kevin was kicked out of the national team and in support I also quit as I did not agree to the team's rules and decisionsWe continued to film Beyond Medals episodes ourselves and some years later, we where a full crew that did Beyond medals movies together and produced clothing we sold in our own webshop.

Does Beyond Medals have a brand mission? And what is it?

Kevin Bäckström:

-To do quality clothing that everyone can afford and support the snowboard culture we support and come from, through sponsoring young ridersmovie projects and do events.

How would you describe your typical customerWho buys your products?

Tor Lundström:

-Everyone that can relate to the words ”Beyond Medals”, no matter what age and gender.

What does the coming season look like for Beyond Medals and what happens this winter?

Kevin Bäckström:

-We're going to do another snowboard movie and work on the coming collections together with our team!