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Winter 2020 we started filming this snowy adventure. Including places like Geilo, local spots in Oslo, indoor boarding at Snø and the big glacier Folgefonna. Ran into a couple of challenges due to the covid-19, but as we say - put on a happy face and stay safe.

Øyvind Kirkhus, Johannes Taklo, Anders Fornes, Emil Leenderts, Sebastian Vik, Alex Klerud, Kenneth Nygård, Simon Houlind, Rasmus Nielsen, Theo&Abbe Hjellström, Håkon L'orange, Henna Ikola, Thomas Hübert, Embrik Kirkevoll, Jakob Tessand, Sune Buschmann, Samuel Ærø, Øivind Fykse, Odin Røhrt, Nova Engholm.

Filmed by:
Kenneth Nygård, Øivind Fykse, Mikkel Jørgensen, Simon Houlind, Rasmus Nielsen and Samuel Ærø.

Made by Øivind Fykse. Thank's to Snø and VisitFonna.