Singles' Day at Junkyard - November 11 2023

What is Singles' Day?
Singles' Day takes place at 11/11. It started in 1993 in China, as an alternative to Valentine’s Day for single people. In Chinese it’s called Guanggun Jie, and was originally a day specifically for bachelors. The date was chosen because of the number “1”, that’s used as a symbol for single people. Today, Single’s Day is celebrated all over the world and has become one of the largest online shopping days, when both singles and people in relationships treat themselves to a great deal.

What happens during Singles’ Day?
Many stores have a sale, discounts or special offers. Check out Junkyard’s Singles’ Day deal — you can use it no matter your relationship status!

Singles’ Day vs Black Friday
Singles’ Day can be viewed as the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday, and is actually bigger when it comes to sales because of China’s popular online store Alibaba. Both shopping holidays occur in November, but while Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping spree, Singles’ Day puts the spotlight on the individual. It’s a day for treating yourself!

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