Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Looking for the best gift for your sis? Wanna outshine the other secret Santas?
Or is it time to treat yourself for once? Welcome to the right place.

Popular gifts

Buy your Christmas gifts at Junkyard

This year the elves have been really busy stocking our warehouse with Christmas gifts! The shelves are crammed with clothes, shoes and accessories from brands like Nike, adidas, Levi's and Vans, skateboards, snowboards and everything related to that scene. There's a lot to choose from when you're shopping for gifts, to say the least.

Christmas gift for mom?

Looking for a gift for someone who already has everything? Of course. Lucky you! We've gathered our very best Christmas ideas for girls, guys and non-binaries, parents and kids, friends and co-workers – Those who have everything and those who want more. A classic t-shirt, a warm beanie or a pair of socks are all great examples of gifts that can't go wrong.

"Oh, thanks. Got the reciept?"

Maybe the size wasn't right on the underwear for your brother? Your bf might mentioned that the color on his new sweater wasn't his favorite? Don't sweat! Over the holidays, we've extended our refund policy until January 31st 2023. And if you want it to be right the first time, give them a gift card. Which is also a great last minute gift that can be bought during Christmas dinner.