Legends Never Die

First appearing in 1976 with its creator Brad Dorfman, Vision Street Wear. With a focus on skateboarding and BMX, it fast became a favourite amongst skater enthusiasts everywhere. They sponsored some of the up and coming skateboarders of the time, including Mark “Gonz” Gonzales, a pioneer of street skateboarding. The Gonz as well as other prominent skaters, as well as celebrities were often seen wearing a Vision Street Wear t-shirt and shoes or using its decks. Vision Skate Wear is back and we have skateboards and clothing up for grabs at Junkyard.

Back to the 80s with Vision Street Wear

Vision Street Wear started sponsoring Mark 'Gator' Rogowski and Brad 'Gator' Gonzales, who both had signature boards made by Vision. Their first two models were designed by an artist named Andy Takakjian who, like the company, was based in California. The brand started to make a name for itself and became a dominant force on the skating scene and bands started to use Vision Street Wear Skateboards in their videos and on album covers.

Starting with tees, they soon expanded into shoes as the brand made its mark on skating history. After recently building up its popularity in Asia, Vision Street Wear has relaunched—bringing back the old, bold classics which are just as relevant today as they were then.

Bringing Vision to the People

If you are looking for hoodies that stand out from the rest, a Vision Street Wear hoodie is the one to choose. Made from quality fabrics and prints, your new hoodie will hold its colour and shape for years to come. All hoodies have a kangaroo pocket and drawstring on the hood.

When it comes to pairing your new t-shirts, what can be better than a pair of shorts or sweats? Both are available and feature the classic Vision logo or signature print on all of them. Skaters have been wearing Vision Street Wear gear for years.

Vision Street Wear for the New Century

The wide range of tees is vast and is made from 100% cotton for breathability and comfort. You only need to wash it in cold water to look after it. Vision Wear is highly aware of the importance of reaching out on social media to reach a larger audience. On their Instagram account, they have over 50,000 followers and regularly share videos where they show off their clothes and skateboards. Here you can really see how they work up close. If you see one of their t-shirts you want, come to Junkyard to order it!

Pioneering skate brand Vision Street Wear is back with a new collection of tees and hoodies. The collection itself appears in true Vision form with familiar graphics laid across the front and back of the t-shirts.

Bringing Back the Vision

If you are looking for new skateboard wear or perhaps a new skateboard, there are several designs and options from Vision Street Wear. You can find something that suits your riding style in the very best way. A Vision Street Wear t-shirt is a timeless classic. Check out the range of skateboards that have been reissued, all improved with new glueing and pressing technology to give you the edge. You can get your hands on a legendary deck today.

Perfect when you go boarding or just use them for everyday, Vision Skate Wear has always been good at mixing comfort and style. Shop for yours at Junkyard, today and have a legend delivered to your door.