Über Skateboards Offers Something Out of the Ordinary

Über Skateboards was founded in 2008 in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany. When the brand was founded, it set out to produce skateboard decks made with high-quality materials and manufacturing standards. Its products are customised to meet the needs of its consumers. An Über skateboard deck has bold graphics that stand out from the norm. In addition, the brand believes its boards need to be environmentally friendly and have as little impact on the climate as possible, and they are well-known internationally and are one of Europe's largest skateboarding brands. With Junkyard, you can find a stylish Uber Skateboard deck with a high-quality design.

ÜBER Skateboards – Stay Fast, Stay Real!

To be a successful skateboard company, you need the know-how of a good team that includes skateboarders. Über Skateboards have a team consisting of some of the best skateboarders in the business, including the Godfather of street skateboarding, Rodney Mullen and riders who are big in the German skateboarding scene. Reading an Uber skateboard review confirms that they have hit the mark with quality and rideability. Buying an Über Skateboard is buying a board that you can trust.

If you are looking to see the riders on the team show off the skateboard decks and do some cool tricks, check out their Instagram and YouTube channels, where they post videos which feature their equipment.

Skateboarding Comes First at Über Skateboards

Regardless of which board you choose, you can expect the board to be made from superior 7-ply maple wood. Every board comes with grip tape that has been perforated for easy application. The prints are created from an environmentally friendly water-based ink that they are longer lasting and give impeccable detail. Boards are fitted with Tremendous trunks, made from strong alloy.

The maple wood used for the boards is sourced from sustainable lakes around the Great Lakes of the USA and Canada. Beyond the graphics, an Über skateboard environmentally friendly approach allows you to push through the city streets with a clear conscience.

Über Skateboards Happiness Principle

ÜBER Skateboards stays true to its principle: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a skateboard and that’s pretty close!”. One of the most popular boards is the Grumpy Complete Skateboard. These boards are standard shape with medium concave and available in several colours. They are made from 7 layers of individually compression-moulded Canadian maple and the premium quality components include Tremendous Trucks with black baseplate and 94a bushings. They feature Fast Abec 5 bearings, Allen hardware and Über logo grip tape.

The Über Skateboard SUB Deck is another of its popular skateboard decks. These are a popsicle shape Canadian wood with a deep concave. It includes epoxy glue and grip tape.

Find Joy in Skating

This is a company that recognises your need to maximise your ride. The fresh designs with a high recognition value and the use of environmentally friendly, and high-quality materials have made a decisive contribution to this state of mind. This is a brand that is at the forefront of the skating industry with its powerful Uber skateboard deck and complete skateboards. These boards are a force to be reckoned with!

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