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The Timberland Collection

The Timberland brand is well-known around the world. Their products are famous for their high-quality casual feel that is suitable for both men and women. Timberland boots are particularly known around the world for their durability and stylish design. Although new designs have appeared over the years, the traditional beige boots are made from high-quality waterproof leather and feature a raised sole and rubber bottom, making them excellent during the winter months as well. This brand has brought some very memorable designs to the world, which is why we have a collection of their products on offer.

Timberland for Casual Wear

Timberland clothing is an excellent choice if you are looking to be fashionable with little effort. For example, Timberland t-shirts and sweaters are available for all seasons in both simple and more extravagant designs. If you're looking for an easy everyday look, make sure to combine the boots with a sweater from the same brand. The colours will complement each other right away, so all you need is a simple pair of jeans or sweats to complete the look.

If you're a fan of good shoes this brand has everything. The signature boots come in a variety of colours, not just beige. You have the options to choose boots with a red and black design, as well as with a purple or green accent.

Timberland As Fashion for Men

Although this brand is available and welcoming to all genders, its initial design was of Timberland boots for men was geared more towards the male population. Men love them because they can be worn on semi-formal occasions, as well as hiking, tracking, motorcycle sports, and mountain adventures. A great durable boot.

But the famous boots have also become a welcoming fashion feature for women as well. Women love the fact that they are extremely comfortable and that they can be worn at work as well because of their modern design and comfortable style.

Timberland Is Always Expanding

It would be strange for any brand to rely on a single item to make it work. This is why Timberland shoes are not the only item that this brand has expanded on. You now also have the freedom to choose t-shirts, sweaters, pants, and jackets for all seasons. For people who love to be on-brand in their fashion choices, this is a great way to stay on brand. You will have everything you need to complete a full look with just a few clothing items.

But, the shoes are famous for a reason. They are made from high-quality leather that is also breathable, which means that they will even be comfortable in the summer months.

Expect More Designs in the Future

This brand has come a long way from their initial Timberland boots. They have now started to spend a lot of their time experimenting with faux leather so that people who do not want to wear animal products can have an option for themselves and enjoy the brand in their own way. Timberland is also working on being more sustainable and less damaging to the environment with more local shops.

If you've never worn a Timberland boot before, you are in for a treat. Check out our wide selection of Timberland products and choose what will make your fashion sense stand out.