Get The Off-Duty Look With Thrasher Hoodies And Shirts

From originally a magazine for skate culture to a respected authentic fashion brand, Thrasher is well known for its bold and practical fashion style. It's true, 90's fashion is back and has been a favourite trend of models and celebrities. If you're going for a casual and cool look, their pieces are what you're looking for. At Junkyard, we stock the iconic logo of the brand in hoodies, shirts, and bags. If you need a patch to create a bolder statement, we have them too. Practical and comfortable is what best describes this fashion brand.

Thrasher Skater Style

Skate style became a global phenomenon in the '90s where people were immersed in skate culture. Thrasher style is all about loose and comfortable clothing that is fit for skating. It's functional clothing that gives the right amount of protection. If you want to try a laid-back fashion, check out our collection of shirts and hoodies that come in neutral tones. Complete the carefree look with practical accessories such as a Thrasher dice set, caps, and bags.

Whether you're playing a sport or riding skateboards this look will keep you looking cool and protected. For the winter season, we've got beanies with embroidered logos that'll keep you warm.

Rock A Skater Outfit

Don't get intimidated by a skate style as you can easily nail a skater outfit with the right pieces. Its simple clothing coordination will make you look stylish in any season. Rock some functional accessories such as beanies and caps. A beanie is best paired with a simple white t-shirt, a jacket, and a pair of black or white sneakers.

Logo and graphic t-shirts are great pieces to rock a skater style. Pair a t-shirt with an open overshirt or jacket, and with jeans or shorts for the bottoms. Don't forget to colour coordinate to make it pleasing to the eyes.

Function Meets Fashion At Thrasher

Add some finishing touches to your skater look with a few great accessories. Take our Skatebag Duffle bag, for example. It's a black shoulder bag with a zipped inner compartment and an adjustable strap. It's made from strong polyester fabric that can hold as heavy as 51 litres! You can always rely on shoulder bags to easily keep your stuff, and at the same time, making you look trendy. Whether you're going to the gym or hiking, a Thrasher bag can keep you company.

Aside from bags, check out our collection of Thrasher caps that come in a range of colours for every preference. The caps are made from 100% polyester. It's a perfect match with skateboards when you're skateboarding.

Get The Skater Look From Junkyard

At Junkyard, we only stock items that are in style. If you want to try a different look and change your wardrobe style, get them here from us. We have a collection of t-shirts that are simple and easy to wear. Our hoodies from Thrasher are great for a casual look while keeping you warm. If you need a patch for added design, our Thrasher patches can be added to a bag, cap, shirt, or jacket,

We always have new items available every season, so keep yourself updated by signing up at Junkyard. Get the latest fashion trend and be on the lookout for new items from Thrasher.