The North Face Jacket

The North Face has gained considerable notoriety over the years thanks to their winter and summer fits. Most notable is their brand of puffer jackets that are perfect to weather any cold conditions. Their recognisable silhouette provides both warmth and comfort that is almost unmatched. On top of helping you beat the cold, the brand's jackets have become somewhat of a fad in the fashion world. The likes of celebrities, famous athletes, and influencers have been seen sporting looks featuring the brand's jackets. If you're looking to add these iconic jackets to your collection, consider pairing them with a fanny pack to complete that street-style look.

The North Face

Whether you're looking for a day-to-day backpack or a heavy-duty bag for the long haul, The North Face has got you covered. Initially, the brand was founded as a climbing equipment store back in 1966. Their years of experience in the manufacturing of bags coupled with their merger with Jansport, the largest bag manufacturer in the world, is a testament to the quality of bags they produce. Their attention to detail, unparalleled quality, and meticulous design make it a no-brainer when shopping for bags.

At Junkyard, we give you a wide array of The North Face bags to choose from for any trip or occasion. Going out for a hike? Check out The North Face Carhartt belt to give you that extra layer of warmth.

Shop Popular The North Face Sweaters At Junkyard

From hoodies to crews & sweatshirts, our selection of The North Face sweaters offers more than just warmth and comfort. Our options allow you to pick a sweater that is chic and blends perfectly with your style. The sweaters allow you to mix and match with different garbs and achieve a look to fit any scene.

The North Face sweaters offer a perpetual appeal that is often present in brands that have spanned centuries. The classical puffer sweaters from the brand is ideal when that puffer jacket is too warm and the light-weight jacket is too thin. It's that extra layer of clothing that you can easily wear or take off.

Pair Your Fit With The North Face Accessories

The North Face accessories are appropriate for outdoor activities, such as hiking and exercising, as well as adding flair to your ensemble. The cuffed TNF beanie is a great addition to any outfit and can be matched with a street or casual look. You can also check out some of the branded bucket hats that are ideal for the summer and warm weather. The bucket hats blend well with shorts and graphic tees as well as skirts and dresses such as the TNF Kilaga dress from our collection.

Styled right, The North Face caps can kick your outfit up a few notches. These casual accessories pair well with casual and street outfits and can be paired with any garment including Carhartt belt and puffer jackets.

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We have seen that The North Face is all about incorporating comfort and fashion with its product line. The brand's pervasiveness has seen it cement its position in both the active-wear and fashion world. It has maintained its potential of evoking desire across the world. At Junkyard, you will definitely find an item from The North Face that you fancy, whether a sweater, snapback, backpack, or even the handy fanny pack.

It is clear that The North Face will be maintaining its momentum on the popularity scale in fashion. Why not head over to Junkyard and grab yourself a piece of the hype?