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Shop The Range of SWEET SKTBS At Junkyard

Swedish brand SWEET SKTBS is known for its selection of cool skateboarding and street apparel. You can conveniently shop the range online at Junkyard. When you want to put a cap on something stylish and casual you are wearing, top it up with a cap from the brand. Go for a sporty snapback like the Sweet Snapback Earth, Sweet Team, Sweet Snapback Company or Sweet Snapback Sun Shines. Pants from the brand are another sweet deal in terms of style. Keep it loose with a solid colour or printed Sweet Loose Surfer or keep it straight with Sweet Straight chinos. You can also go with smart casual Sweet Big Skate.

Trendy SWEET SKTBS Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are timeless. The SWEET SKTBS bucket hat is also unique with its unique print and detailing. The Sweet Bucket, for instance, has the logo running down in lines from the top while the Sweet Stash Pocket Bucket has topstitching and an embroidered logo. You can shop for the unisex hats with their timeless, one-of-kind details and prints from Junkyard and have them conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Those timeless hats are just one accessory you can wear with loose jeans from SWEET SKTBS. The Sweet Loose range has a loose fit with straight legs and a mid-cut. They have different colours and finishes including a blue and white tie-dye look.

Fashionable SWEET SKTBS Shirts At Junkyard

SWEET SKTBS shirts are timeless, high-quality and very comfortable. They come in short and long sleeves and in a choice of solid colours or fun, whimsical prints. Some like the Big Sweet Skate come in contrasting shades of the same colour which makes it ideal for occasions that call for a smart casual look. The range is available online from Junkyard.

They are also ideal for skateboarders who want to look good as they do their thing on the skateboard. They are cool and comfortable enough to perform all those stunts. The cotton they are made of will keep you dry as you ride your board. Check out the options online at Junkyard.

Experience a Memorable Ride With SWEET SKTBS Skateboards

If you are into skateboarding, you know the durability and the rigidity and flexibility of the skateboard wheels matter a lot. One reason why Sweet SKTBS skateboards impress is the fact that they have simple designs but incorporate all the elements of safety and quality. Whether you want to perform stunts or get somewhere on your board, you can't do better than one from SWEET SKTBS. They have the resilience and strength to support a rider when performing tricks and the design to make you look cool doing it. Get yours right now from Junkyard.

loose jeans are ideal wears for skateboarding because they don’t restrict your movement. Experienced skaters have a saying: "What you wear is as important as what you ride.” It's very true.


The SWEET SKTBS as a whole is a stickler for quality and durability as well as style. Show off your great fashion sense with clothing from this Nordic brand. Whether it is pants, t-shirts, shirts, caps and hats or jackets, this brand has you covered with everything you need for a cool, sporty, street look and you can be sure every piece will provide stylish, timeless coverage. You can also be sure that you can shop the full range at Junkyard.

What more do you need other than SWEET SKTBS for the best street style and Junkyard conveniently delivering them to you? Log on, shop and await timely and of course, very exciting delivery.