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Stan Ray - the Working Class Heroes

Stan Ray is a brand hailing from Texas, USA and has been producing timeless garments since 1972. Designed to find their place in a working environment, they have proven themselves to be durable and practical, as well as stylish. Their brand features a wide range of shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets and more. Stan Ray Trousers are a popular choice for the fashion-conscious, combining quality with casual style. If you are looking for hard-working clothing you can get your fix right here at Junkyard, and create a no-nonsense tireless working wardrobe.

Stan Ray Practical Durability

Stan Ray has developed a sturdy line that can effortlessly be mixed. The garments come in earthy tones and are high-quality, easy to take care for fabrics. A Stan Ray t-shirt is made of a very comfortable 100% cotton. The Stan OG T-Shirt comes in a regular fit and is ideal to be worn with any of their shorts, jeans or pants, or paired with one of their overshirts. Or slip on a no-collar, fleece layer vest to create a solid look.

Stan Ray boasts a great range of jackets. These relaxed, no-frills attached jackets are produced from 100% cotton and use buttons down the front, creating a clean look that can be worn with Stan Ray t-shirts shirts and sweaters.

Timeless Garments from Stan Ray

Stan Ray has brought their no-nonsense principles into their range of trousers. The Stan Ray recreation pant is comfortable to wear and features tapered legs and side and back pockets. The elasticated waist is adjustable with the drawstring. This 100% cotton garment only needs a 30C wash to stay looking crisp and clean.

chinos were originally developed as military clothing, which ties in with Stan Ray's history, as they originally supplied military uniforms in the 1970s. Still made to the same exacting standards, they are a trustworthy addition to your collection. Pair them with a SS Tour shirt for a polished look.

Stan Ray designed for wear and movement

These are clothes that are created for wear and movement, with minimum fuss and maximum practicality, perfect for rough work along with everyday living. Stan Ray has enjoyed 50 years and 3 generations of family working together to uphold the designer's original principles. With so many practical, timeless garments available you are spoilt for choice. An item of their clothing will work as an individual piece in your closet, but we are sure that you will not be able to stop with just one.

Once you have appreciated the quality and durability of one of their t-shirts or trousers or accessorised with one of their caps or scarf, you are not going to be coming back for more.

Stan Ray - developed stitch by stitch

The OG Painter Pants are a more relaxed alternative that brings a workwear vibe. Available in many fabrics, the denim version is durable and functional. Stan Ray trousers, jackets and overshirts are all available from Junkyard. It is easy to create your work-to-fun look. Whether you're picking up a pair of Stan Ray trousers for on the skatepark or slipping into a 100% cotton hoodie for a night out, this US heritage brand has you covered.

These designs are timeless and the garments are sure to last for many years without feeling outdated. We have a wide range of Stan Ray garments right here at Junkyard. Order from Junkyard today for delivery straight to your door.